Do you have customers who the minute they walk through the door you know they’re going to be spell trouble? We’ve all meet them, those who simply don’t appreciate what you offer, or with whom you’ve absolutely nothing in common, and no connection. They’re hard work, you don’t enjoy serving them, and to add insult to injury most often they’re your least profitable. Worse still, this shows – albeit unintentionally. Not a good recipe for a great customer experience or long term loyalty.

You need to be able to have a connection and build rapport to engage with your customers.

When you’re attracting the type of customers whom you love working with, who share your values and love what you offer you’ll make that connection. It’s then so much easier to build rapport, and this means you’re in a far better position to know what they want enabling you to meet and exceed their expectations. A win-win.

So, what exactly is important to you, and are you utilising this to attract the type of customers you love to work with?

If quality is important and you reflect this in your products and services you’ll want to attract customers who also value this rather than the discount and bargain hunters. If you’re concerned about doing your bit for the community, charity or the planet you might want to attract customers who share your principles. If you’ve a passion for a particular brand, product or activity and this is reflected or an integral part of the way you run your business you’ll want to attract people who share this enthusiasm.

Whatever it is, whether it’s a value, hobby, principle, or interest the clearer you are on what’s important to you the easier it is for you to establish your ideal customer. Who are the people you’d like to attract more of as customers?

Too many places try to appeal to everyone and end up satisfying no one. You can always tell a business that has no specific target market in mind, as they are not focused and consistent with what they do. Not only does it make life more difficult for you having to appeal to so many different needs, it makes it very difficult when it comes to marketing your business and attracting new customers.

Having in mind your ideal customer means that you can tailor everything you do with them in mind, not trying to please everyone. It’ll increase your chances of attracting these quality customers opposed to those who fail to appreciate what you do, spend less and complain in the process!

So focus on the customers you do what!

Now, I hear you say: “But I can’t afford not to try and attract everyone. We’re bound to get some customers who don’t match up to our ideal customer!”

The idea for some business owners of effectively turning away any customer can be a daunting one. But think about it; when you’re worrying over the detail or sorting out a problem or a gripe from your ‘low value’ customer, what’s happening with your ideal customer? Are they simply left to get on with it? The chances are they will be getting less of your valuable time, energy and resources. And the more time, energy and resources you spend on your low value customers the less time, energy and resources you have to spend on your valued ideal customers …..and the sooner they’ll start to feel less valued or appreciated and start to look elsewhere. Is this really what you want?

The more you ‘love’ your customers, the more interest you’ll show in them, the more you can be yourself and the better you’ll serve them.

So picture your ideal customer and make your target audience clear in all your communications so that your ideal customer can spot quickly if you’re a good match for them. Not just your marketing speak, but tell your story, use the right images and focus on getting your message out to where your ideal customers will see it or hear it.

This doesn’t mean to say that you won’t have more than one category of customer. But keep in mind the compatibility of your two or three main target markets – to each other and just as importantly – to YOU.

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Caroline Cooper is an author, trainer, and consultant on customer services and customer loyalty, and founder of Naturally Loyal who helps businesses to get more sales through their existing customers.

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