Just like any other bike this one has lights, turn signals and a horn. Although, this is not like any other bike out there. This especially powerful E-bike was named ‘Moar Fat Tire E-bike‘.

Moar’s fat tyres allow it to easily go off-road and move over other surfaces not designed for riding a bike which makes this bike suitable for riding almost anywhere. And that is not all, this E-bike has a foldable aluminium frame which makes it easier to transport. The highest speed Moar is able to reach is 30mph with an 85mile range.

As the article’s title suggests this E-bike si able to tow an SUV thanks to the 48V battery with the 750W motor. Watch the video till the very end and check it out for yourself. However, this is still a prototype and its creators believe they can sell if for around $1,199 once it is open for sale.

Source: Business Insider

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