As we head into the Christmas shopping season, brands and agencies are looking to create strategies to reach consumers, generate awareness, and beat out the competition. While this task may seem simple, the shopping ecosystem is complex and can be daunting to navigate. 

Some brands may assume that buyers will return to in-person shopping at brick-and-mortar with lifted COVID restrictions. Still, this assumption may not be accurate, as many consumers are leaning on digital and in-store for a hybrid approach this season.

To better understand consumer sentiment, Channel Factory put together a custom survey and gathered answers from 500 consumers in the UK across varying socioeconomic realities. Here are some insights and Christmas marketing strategies to ensure your brand provides the best shopping experience

#1 Reach consumers earlier

Shopper perceptions have shifted in 2021, with 53% of consumers saying COVID will not impact their purchase decisions. However, not only is COVID less likely to influence consumer purchase decisions, but many will splurge even earlier than usual. 

In fact, 80% of consumers say they will begin Christmas shopping before November. To ensure your message breaks through, start your holiday campaigns as soon as possible. 

#2 Utilise a blended shopping experience

This season, we will continue to buy both in-store and online. In this blended approach, consumers are also predominantly giving tangible gifts, with 40% of consumers being more inclined to give gifts like electronics, beauty products, jewellery, clothing, and designer goods. 

Keeping this blended approach in mind, it’s also important to remember that mobile shopping provides ease for consumers. Yet, some brands still struggle to offer this experience.

#3 Harness the power of YouTube advertising

an image showing a young woman buying her Christmas gifts online.

The research showed us that YouTube is a good platform to connect with Christmas shoppers during the discovery and conversion stages. This is highlighted by the fact that 43% of people in the UK use the platform for Christmas gifting inspiration. 

Moreover, 1 in 4 shoppers is looking to YouTube for gift ideas. Combine that with 49% of shoppers who have purchased gifts as a result of watching a YouTube video, and you have the perfect recipe for engagement and connection.

#4 Understand the revenge shopping trend

The revenge shopping trend implies that consumers are seeking ‘justice’ for the year that COVID stole, making up for lost time with increased spending and eagerness to splurge. 

The essential audience to keep in mind are families whose kids have been cooped up and are ready for something unique. With toy giants like Hasbro and Mattel announcing live-action movies coming soon, appearing in the right content is critical, and YouTube is perfect for inspiring kids and parents in a brand-safe and suitable way.

Employing these four Christmas marketing strategies and connecting with your audiences in a way that works for them, will result in successful advertising this year.

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