Customer Experience Magazine is delighted to announce the CXMStars™ for 2022 selection is now open for entries. 🚀

This is the third year we organise the CXM nominations to celebrate the CXM Top 50 CXM Stars across the globe.  We couldn’t be more excited to invite you to submit entries or nominate professionals and influencers you believe deserve attention for their dedication to the CX field. 

In this short overview, we’ll walk you through the process behind the CXMStars™ 2022 submission. Let’s dive in! 

Submit an application or nominate your colleagues 

an image showing a person applying for the CXM's Top CX stars in 2022.

Do you know professionals or influencers who are transforming the industry with their activism, research, writing, and ongoing dialogues about CX? We bet you do.  

That’s why, this year, you can nominate anyone you believe deserves recognition for the contribution to the CX arena. If you do so, this person will receive a nomination email and request to confirm the invitation. What an awesome gift! 

To nominate someone for the CXMStars™ Top CX Professionals competition, click below.

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To nominate someone for the CXMStars™ Top CX Influencers competition, click below.

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Wait, how can you be sure if someone is CX professional or influencer? To help you out, we created a short guide for you:  

  • CX influencers distinct themselves by their skill to impact others in the CX industry. You can recognize the influencers by their charisma, presence on social media, and CX events. They are always the first to celebrate successes, challenge opinions, and motivate people on action. Here you can check the list of our top 10 CX influencers from 2021 and decide if you fit into this category.   
  • CX professionals are often the catalyst for CX change and lead the entire process behind customer experience management. They are key actors in any customer-obsessed organization. Apart from improving the CX process within their organizations, CX professionals often write books, articles, and host keynote talks. For more references, please check out top 10 CX Professionals from 2021.  

Simplified application process  

CX professionals and CX influencers have until December 24 to complete their entry for the CXMStars™ 2022 competition. To make sure your submission process is smooth and fun, we reduced the number of questions you need to answer to complete your application.  

We asked our magazine’s friend, CXM ambassador, and Top CX Influencer, Rebecca Brown to share her experience of the CXMStars™ 2021. Her words are the biggest gift for our team.

“Think wow have won clients specifically as a result of both Dan and I appearing on the list of the top influencers in CXM last year. It’s such a well-respected industry publication that being named as a top professional or influencer by CXM sends a clear message to the wider world that you really know your stuff. Whether you’re self-employed or looking for the next step on the career ladder, it’s well worth entering and I’d highly recommend it.” 

If you want to apply for the ‘Top CX Professional’ of the year 2022 click below.

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If you want to apply for the ‘Top CX Influencer’of the year 2022 click below.

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Have your say in the final selection of the CXMStars™  

To give your vote and support the top 5 professionals and top 5 influencers of your choice, you should click the button VOTE on the CXMStars™ page. You’ll be given five votes in total. This further means that you can assign five votes with five different points. You should assign five to your prefered candidate, the highest scorer. We’re aware that the influence of someone’s work shouldn’t be judged only by popularity on social media, and that’s why there will be an internal evaluation of the final list of professionals. 

Our team will prepare a separate post to invite you on voting and explain the process in detail. Until then, focus on sending us your applications and surprising someone by nominating them.  

Did we mention that the entry is free of charge? Don’t miss your chance to be listed among the Top 50 CX professionals and Top 50 Influencers.

Join us on this adventure and celebrate your CX successes! 🏆

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