Winning an award always has an impact on the organisation. It’s not only the feeling of winning that makes the winner proud, but recognition also impacts business positively in many ways.

Recently we caught up with one of our winners from the 2016 UK Customer Experience Awards. We asked them a few questions on and we thought that our readers would most likely like to know what happens post-award.

The company in question is Epos Now and they were the winners of the ‘Experience, Design, Improvement and Innovation’ category in the ’16 CXA.

We want to thank them for having a chat with us and giving us some insight into what’s been going on at their organisation post-award. Through these interactions, we’re able to connect directly with our readers and give them unprecedented access to some of the leading innovators and companies of today, and we’re proud of that.

Before we get to the questions and answers, we should quickly go through the developments and initiatives at Epos which lead to their award back in 2016, in order to better understand what the company is all about.

Epos Now and their CXA Initiatives

Without getting into too much detail, Epos Now is a ‘point of sale’ provider with over 20,000 customers in 109 countries. They’re based in Norwich with recent expansions to the US.

They provide POS (point of sale) systems as well as cloud-based software that allows for Epos Now systems to be operated from any device or platform with a web browser.

Epos Now is a proud provider of these systems to over 20,000 SME’s, making it affordable for these businesses to succeed and even complete with large multinational companies.

These advancements along with the implementation of the UK’s first POS AppStore were the initiatives that won the Experience, Design, Improvement and Innovation category at the 2016 CXA.

We think that the work they’re doing is great. Enabling smaller business to succeed through their affordable and easy to use systems is a great way to become loved by everyone.

With that said, let’s see what they’ve been up to recently. Here are some questions and answers from our recent correspondence with them.

Q: Has winning your award impacted your business somehow? – In regards to PR, positive customer response, marketing, or in some other way perhaps?

A: ‘Winning the CX Award was great recognition of our team’s tireless efforts to improve the lives and businesses of each of our customers every day. We can proudly say we are one of the UK’s most innovative businesses. This has proved to be a valuable tool for recruitment and encouraging talented individuals to join our growing team.

Similarly, it is an excellent talking point for prospective customers and validates the excellent customer service they experience on the phone with our employees. The award has offered us a great PR opportunity, allowing us to spread the word on our website and across social media channels. We also leverage the power of the awards logo in our presentations and email signatures.’

Q: Have you made any significant changes to your business post-award? – Perhaps you’ve developed your winning initiatives further or changed them altogether?

A: ‘Working in the technology sector means our business is always moving and changing. We have to remain agile in order to keep innovating on behalf of our customers. 2016 was a huge year for us, winning a number of industry awards, releasing our most significant software to date and creating POStoGO, a brand new mobile POS solution set to revolutionise how hospitality and retail businesses can sell on the move!

We believe employee engagement has been the secret to our success, so will continue to encourage and motivate our employees to perform at the best of their abilities. This approach will ensure our customers’ needs and expectations are met and exceeded.’

Q: What does your award mean for you? – Does it symbolise the effort you’ve put into your business? How do your employees see it or how have they reacted?

A: ‘The Customer Experience Award is recognition of how far we’ve come as a business. The company has grown from 1 employee to 250, earning £10m in revenue across UK and US operations in 5 short years. This was a huge milestone in developing our customer service journey. We’re continually striving to improve our offering as the business grows and this award offered us the benchmark of success.’

Get Involved!

Epos Now is an example of a great new innovative company with a great future ahead. We want to wish them all the best and thank them once more for taking the time to answer our questions.

We hope to see more developments from them and from all our participants. We also want to encourage anyone out there with initiatives that deserve recognition to get involved and get noticed!

As you can see, awards are a great way to boost morale and overall customer approval. Recognition of your hard work and the hard work of your employees is something very important in the business world and we like to think that our Events are a great way to bring people together and give them the spotlight they deserve.

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