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September 28, 20177min

Yesterday was a big day for Amazon, they announced a number of different products.

Some older Echo models are updated and some new Echo devices are now equipped with the voice-activated assistant Alexa. Amazon also announced their brand new Fire TV and a fish-Alexa crossover, which got the most attention at the event.

Here is a quick digest of all Amazon’s news:

Brand New Amazon Echo

This is the new and improved version of Amazon Echo, which we all love, with some additional brand-new features. Use it to play music, stay in touch with your fiends and family, control your smart home and other smart devices. Thanks to Alexa being on the Cloud it is constantly updating and adding exciting features.

Amazon Echo is just a little bit taller than a soda can and it has a new processor which improved Alexa’s voice recognition and made it more reliable. There are 6 different casings you can choose from and they look absolutely amazing. Thanks to Echo’s new and diverse styles they can blend into any home or office.

Echo now has 7 microphones allowing it to pick up your voice no matter where you are, even if there is music playing. And it’s yours for only $99.

Echo Plus

Its exterior has not changed a lot from the previous Echo design, but at the same time it got a new built-in smart home hub giving it the ability to completely control all your smart gadgets and devices. This is something Echo was able to do even before, but Echo Plus can now control your smart home without the need to install any additional apps or hubs.

According to Amazon’s words it works straight out of the box and it is much smarter than before. Also, every Echo Plus comes with a Philips Hue bulb – a little testing partnership among Amazon and Philips into the smart home innovations. The price of a new Echo Plus is $149.

Echo Spot

Echo Spot is a clock made by mixing the Amazon Echo Dot and the Amazon Echo Show features. It’s a completely new form of a smart clock which you can put next to your bed, and it supports Alexa, meaning it has a number of Echo-characteristic features to make your life easier.

Echo Spot plays music for you and it can connect to your speakers or use a Bluetooth connection to lighten up a party. Next to a number of features already characteristic for these devices, you can even use Echo Spot to make video calls thanks to a small camera installed at the front.

Simply put, now we have a smaller version of Echo devices masked inside a bedside alarm clock for a price of $130.

Echo Buttons

These are small colour changing Bluetooth devices you can connect to your Echo speakers and play numerous buzzer and trivia like games with your friends and family. They come in a packaging of two. So now you can use your imagination and invent your own ways to have fun with these gadgets.

Not a lot has been said about the Echo buttons, and it seems that this is currently their only use, but there is always always room for upgrades. You can get these cute little Echo Buttons for $20.

Echo Connect

The idea behind the new Echo Connect is that it connects your home’s phone jack and your Echo making it easier for you to receive and make phone calls using your landline number.

The price for this Echo device is $35.






Fire TV

It has been a while since Amazon’s TV streaming box got an upgrade. Smaller then the model before, it can now stream videos in 4K and HDR. Once you connect it to your Echo device it can easily you can easily control it using your voice.

Fire TV steaming box gives ultra-high definition videos with an image clearer than ever before. However, it does require a TV that supports 4K and HDR.

The total price of this device comes up to $70.

Big Mouth Billy Bass device with Alexa inside

Here is a small preview of how it would look.

Alexa modified Big Mouth Billy Bass is a new product which some may deem interesting, and some completely unnecessary.

Alexa connects to Billy via Bluetooth and the fish starts talking. You can than easily give it commands and it will lip-sync to the music you play on your Echo device.

The company predicts that the new Alexa/Big Mouth Billy combo will be up for sale later this year.

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