Customer Experience Magazine Executive Editor

………will be their own boss and develop this online magazine into an income generating and profitable business.
The Executive Editor may be a freelancer or employed but will have sufficient free time every month and would like to get their teeth into an exciting opportunity with the potential to be a significant part of their career.
The role may become full time or may need to be adapted to suit someone with a small portfolio including other roles.
Over the last 2 years the current owner has invested tens of thousands of pounds into creating a small but useful and interesting B2B online magazine.
Recently the level of investment has been increasing but without financial return.
Over the next 5 years the plan is to see a return and specifically the online magazine aims to realise annual income to support its plans – providing such content and innovation and a customer experience which will turn existing readers into paid subscribers and generating revenue through other sources.
The Executive Editor’s main responsibility will be to achieve the growth plan via increased subscriptions and revenue generating activities via online sales and marketing.
There are a great number of ideas in the pipeline, but all this will be subject to review with the Executive Editor.

Relevant information.

We are currently planning a re-design and re-launch, as well as a subscriber campaign, and we want to get the right person on board to help with this to take on the overall opportunity.
The Executive Editor will:
              Bring professional experience knowledge and expertise to carve out an approach which works well for our readership and our business goals and which will most likely include some or all of the following:

  • Ensure content is accurate and well written
  • Have a hands on approach, personally producing or editing some of the content each month,
  • Manage and produce strong imagery
  • Work with the developers to achieve a professional and highly readable content
  • Identify and successfully recruit contributors from within the profession
  • Use social networking to build the magazine network and subscriber base
  • Generate income from traditional and innovative magazine revenue sources
  • Develop media, PR and advertising packages
  • Maintain relations with subscribers and advertisers
  • Manage customer and stakeholder data
  • Appoint new staff as required to support new business opportunities and in line with income growth – e.g. jobs page, business network
  • Assist with launch and design of new services
  • Constantly update the online capability and functionality of the website
  • Promote partnerships e.g. with 3rd parties to run features and or improve features offered via CXM
  • Promote the CXM through their own personal network
  • Produce the magazine supported by the web developer and the part-time Awards Manager and assistant editor each month
  • Provide direction to the team to achieve the goals and support the magazine aims

And over the first 3 months assist with the re-design and re-launch of the publication

Editor/Partner aptitude and experience:

First and foremost the Executive Editor will have the desire and ambition to run their own successful online B2B magazine in this exciting new and growing area and be willing to adapt and learn and invest personal time and energy for the future, in return for a small fee, income growth in line with business growth, a share of profits and shares in the business.
Will have an aptitude for developing an online magazine with the existing development team and for bringing about new features. This will most likely be demonstrated through experience of online publication of an e-magazine or similar.
Will want to develop their own personal profile as the face of the magazine and will become a credible and recognised leader/editor over time.
Will have an aptitude for the use of social and digital media and be hands on.
Will have experience of business and an empathy with the customer and the service and marketing sectors.
May have some experience of recruitment via a magazine.
Will be able to travel easily to the Cambridgeshire/Stevenage area from time to time and up to twice per month.
Will be effective when working from home.
Will need to be able to travel within the UK and for meetings at the office.

Candidate skills

  • Excellent communication skills – upward, outward and with the team
  • Appropriate written English
  • Editorial and media skills
  • Use of a PC and a complete suite of office tools, experience of content management including image manipulation, comfortable with using VOIP, will have a good understanding of WordPress and other CMS
  • May have Adobe and or paint skills
  • Will be an innovator
  • Will be comfortable making decisions, using their own Initiative and sharing their thinking with stakeholders
  • Strong listener
  • Strong creativity
  • Team player
  • Strategic thinking
  • Good management, coordination and organisation
  • Customer service skills, being prompt, reliable friendly and professional in dealing with customers and suppliers.
  • Leadership
  • From time to time the role will involve appropriate extra curricula activities such as attendance at events and personal development opportunities, which will be dealt with on an ongoing basis.

Remuneration and benefits.

Minimum Annual Fee paid monthly pro rata.
Healthy share in direct revenue for initial period from appointment
Significant level of equity up to 25% on achievement of agreed targets
Annual share in profit in line with equity

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