Since its launch 7 years ago, the UK Customer Experience Awards has become one of the most important customer experience events in the world.

It was no surprise that this year’s ceremony, which took place on the 23rd September, would be nothing short of amazing, with over 150 companies competing in more than 30 categories, and nearly 800 attendees, who left feeling inspired by the stories, experiences and achievements of their peers.

What made the occasion for us was the fact that Findel Education (our parent brand) won in the category of “Business Change.”

The fact that an awards programme as significant as the UK Customer Experience Awards recognised our passion is priceless.

Our team is dedicated to helping our customers achieve results, having made our seamless ordering process as simple as possible and committing to providing our customers with a helpful and hassle free shopping experience.

We have been supplying resources for over 100 years, not only do our customers get an experienced team to support them, they also get a name they can trust and a service they can rely on. Our professional state-of-the-art distribution centre ensures our customers receive what they want, exactly when they need it.

It felt amazing to know that the panel of judges saw what we were doing and recognised us nationally for it. It brought a new sense of purpose, motivation and inspiration to our team, and encourages us to keep improving now and in the future.

We like to think, that at Findel we approach any challenge without fear and welcome feedback with open arms from our customers or from other sources. We appreciated the feedback we received from the judges, which we got in the report following the awards.

We remain inspired to continue evolving our services and committed to providing the best in class customer experience!

Entering these awards has been a blessing and we left with more than we ever imagined, and for this, we are grateful to team at Awards International and the UK Customer Experience Awards.

Finally, we would just like to congratulate all the finalists and winners. We know they share our enthusiasm and we hope we will see them again. We are looking forward entering next year and shouting about what we have done since and who knows, we may even win again!

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