Customer expectations are proving problematic for some of the UK’s biggest brands, new research has revealed.

The Eptica Multichannel Customer Conversation Study has evaluated 100 leading UK brands, focussing on their ability to offer answers to ten routine questions online.

The study by the Customer Experience digital software provider also judged the firms’ speed and accuracy when responding via email and social media.

It was found that the companies could only answer 44 percent of routine questions – down from 49 percent in 2016.

Using Twitter, the firms’ ability to answer fell to 34 percent – a significant drop from the previous year’s 48 percent – while Facebook answers fell from 45 percent in 2016 to 35 percent this year.

However, despite these failings, researchers found that the speed in which responses were issued through both social media and live chats improved.

Olivier Njamfa, CEO and Co-Founder of Eptica, said:

“Brands today face a growing challenge when it comes to Customer Experience.

Consumers are ever-more demanding, and expect fast, high quality and informed conversations with brands if they are to remain loyal. However, our research shows that many brands are finding it difficult to cope with the sheer volume of queries they receive, particularly on social media.

Failure to dedicate sufficient resources to Customer Experience, or to deploy new technologies such as artificial intelligence to support staff will ultimately hit the bottom line, as consumers switch to rivals who offer them the service they demand.”

Additional findings in the research showed that a number of firms claimed to offer chat (49 percent), when just 22 percent of the chat systems worked fully.

Also, the firms most likely to respond satisfactorily were banks, with entertainment retailers the least likely.

For more information on the annual survey’s results, click here.

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