“I want to pursue my dreams but I’ve got too many constraints in my life. How do I break out of this situation?”

Did you ever feel this way about your life?

Maybe you’re feeling stuck in your current life loop, with no clear path to the life you’ve always dreamed of. Or you’ve got existing responsibilities and expectations weighing you down, and pursuing your personal goals feels like a conflicting desire.

This article is to solve this fundamental life struggle. I’m going to show you how you can break free from your limitations, on your own terms no matter what your ability, skills, energy, or even motivation level is at this moment.

Take charge of your circumstances

Many of us leave our life to fate or coincidence. We allow external circumstances to take control and when things don’t go right, we feel like we’re lost and defeated. 

But the truth is, your current circumstances are inherited from your thinking patterns. So, obviously, if you change your original thinking pattern, you can change your circumstances.

Time is very limited.

Life is too short to stay stuck where you are, only to wonder “what if?”.
Each day is a chance to move your life towards something more than it is now. Don’t let inaction build up regret of wasted time, energy and opportunities.

When I first started my deep self-awareness a few years ago, it was overwhelming. I had to balance a full time career with building a new personal brand that shows who really I am. I was completely unprepared for the challenges, and it felt like I was at the limits of my ability.

I finally made a breakthrough when I realized that a lot of the constraints I thought I had were really all in my own mind. Hence, your attitude is all that matters to determine what you’re really capable of achieving.

There’s no unbeatable obstacle

You may also feel that some obstacles are simply beyond your current abilities and resources. But I want to assure you that every obstacle can be overcome by combining a full picture perspective with flexible angles of attack.

Goals are achievable once you believe it

There’s no goal that is too big to overcome if you know how to set it on your own terms. Meaning that you must master the art of breaking things down and knowing how to measure and quantify your progress. With these two skills, a big goal just becomes a matter of stepping stones that you can fully control.

This is what you need to do

For over 8 years, I’m on a life-transformational journey that reshaped my life from just a caterpillar to an unstoppable butterfly. Not only that, but also guiding hundreds of people by sharing the combined wisdom of tens of the world’s leading experts and thought leaders on health, success, relationships, motivation, coaching, and happiness.

You must decide to breakthrough your current plateau and reach the next stage of your life. Starting from easy hacks to enlighten the everyday grind, to overcoming deeper life-changing challenges.

In this context, the following five simple yet effective techniques will help you break free from your limitations, on your own terms and to accomplish any goal that you set out for yourself, and feel empowered to push towards bigger ones.

But first you need to keep in mind two fundamental pillars.

Initially, you must adopt practices that strengthen your mind with powerful thinking patterns that can instantly flip negative situations into promising opportunities.

The second pillar is once you start your life-transformational process, you must put into action the maximum willpower accompanied by clear intention right away to make things happen.

In a nutshell, you need to:

  1. Establish a strong self-identity and purpose for yourself
  2. Conquer your fear of moving forward
  3. Accumulate a growing inventory of strengths and skills
  4. Develop a mindset of continuous growth and progress
  5. Unleash your potential to achieve things you never believed you could
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