Brian Hopkins, Forrester VP, emerging tech portfolio.

Generative AI for visual content and language has topped Forrester’s list of emerging technology. The analyst firm says Gen AI, alongside Turing Bots, and IoT security are the leading emerging technologies that will offer return on investment.

“Emerging long-horizon technologies are crucial to consider now because they provide immediate competitive advantages to advanced firms adept at leveraging technology risks,” said Brian Hopkins, Forrester VP, emerging tech portfolio.

“While also potentially needing significant foundational investments that demand advanced preparation,” he added.

With technological innovation accelerating, Forrester recommends business and technology leaders need to time those investments based on value, risk and potential payout timelines.

Forrester has also unveiled eight other emerging technologies that they believe will deliver the most immediate ROI for businesses. These technology investments are based on value, risk, and potential payout timelines. 

While the list emphasises the continuing dominance of AI in business, it also showcases the significance of security. Internet of Things (IoT) security is listed as offering business benefits within the next two years. Quantum security will deliver benefits in the next five years. 

Other more advanced technologies that will take at least five more years to deliver tangible value include Extended reality (XR) tools and Zero Trust edge (ZTE) solutions. These pieces are looking to be developed for people-focused uses; including training and onboarding, and protecting remote workers and branch officers with embedded local security. 

In our increasingly digital-focused world, it’s crucial for companies to keep technology effects and trends on their radar; especially those with the promise of ROI. With the potential of full-scale adoption on the cards for these technologies, brands should be working ahead of the curve and getting informed now. 

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