Is your organisation having trouble digitally navigating the crisis or you just need a bit of inspiration in reassembling your digital strategy?

Digital experience has and will remain the main differentiator in today’s world. Countless organisations jumped head-first into digital environment so as make their presence known in the times of uncertainty – basically that their customers don’t forget about them. Brands that haven’t been putting enough effort into digital are now trying to accelerate them to adjust to the new normal.

In these turbulent times, when changes are unpredictable and rapid, a structured but flexible approach to digital experience will be the factor that will make one stand out while the other will stagnate or even go backwards.

Digital channels that deliver technical results often don’t meet customer expectations. Keeping up with the shift in consumer behaviour requires businesses to listen and act accordingly – apply CX solutions for digital teams and move fast but careful.

Digital and eCommerce leaders have offered their advice and thoughts on the burning questions about managing today’s digital world problems.

Digitising your business strategy, moving from a channel to a revenue driver and kickstarting your digital CX programme are just some of the topics Clay Warren, Head of Digital CX at Qualtrics will be covering as a part of Qualtrics XM talks™.

Clay will also be interviewing Marketing, Creative and CX Executives from Adobe, Delivery Hero and MRM and discussing how these digital leaders responded to the crisis and what challenges the organisations overcame to stay at the top even in the unfavourable circumstances. The sessions offer insights into what exactly the brands did to pivot and recentre their usual business.

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to bring your digital strategy to a whole new level, register now and gain access to all sessions.

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