At this year’s Gulf Customer Experience Awards we celebrated best initiatives in the world of CX, honouring teams’ greatest achievements and encouraging businesses to strive for excellence.

We had an opportunity to sit down with Ejadah Asset Management, a company winning two golds in categories: Contact Centre and Employees at the Heart of Everything, and discuss their system which brought them to the highest rank in CX and EX practices.

Ejadah Asset Management Group is driven by the commitment to deliver Total Community Solutions for real estate assets including residential, commercial, retail, hospitality and mixed-use developments. Their services are designed and delivered to achieve the objectives of all stakeholders; maximise yields and ROI for landlords, developers and owners, continuity and sustainability for tenants and residents and satisfaction for all stakeholders.

·       First, I would like to thank you for participating in our Awards and of course, congratulate you on the amazing achievement! How would you describe your experience at the Awards?

Thank you, it was a very memorable experience. We don’t think we would have got a better platform than this to showcase the hard work and dedication put in the last few years by the team. Though it was a new experience where we presented to all the judges on the same day of the event, and eagerly awaited the results, it indeed was a thrilling and fulfilling experience for all of us.

·       What does winning an award mean to you?

More than winning the award, the participation for the 3 award categories, and the preparation for the event itself was quite an exciting journey. Winning 2 Gold awards was indeed an icing on the cake, but we enjoyed the process too. Winning the awards will now pave the way to creating better customer experiences and customer smiles as we proudly move forward.  

·       As a two-gold winner, what would be your best advice on how to excel in a category at our Awards?

The best advice we can provide is “prepare, practice, perfect”. There is no such thing as being over-prepared for the day. You must have all the facts and figures intact and the judges are looking to see if you are creating and enhancing customer experiences in the industry and how. Every concept presented was first strategically & carefully placed to ensure we do not miss any of the activities, efforts or steps taken along the way.

·       As a gold winner of category Employees at The Heart of Everything, what would be your advice on how to put your employees in the center? What aspects do you think businesses should focus on when it comes to their employees?

One of the main roles of the CX team is to ensure that our employees are at the heart of everything, to ensure that our customers also have great experiences.

We along with our human resources department have partnered & tirelessly worked to align and unite the employees through different engagement initiatives and activities and put them in the heart of every decision made, every step taken.

Voice of the employees is extremely vital for us as we operate with the mantra that “Happy employees, happy customers’.  Every feedback is heard through a yearly survey across the organization and actionable insights are shared with the concerned Seniors to address them accordingly. Our heart is 10,000 big hence a huge responsibility rest on our shoulders to ensure that employees are engaged and developed continuously to perform better in their careers. The career progression of the employees is one of our core values and we breathe and live by it.

·       Numerous businesses around the world have been affected by the unexpected current situation, however many of them are still trying their best to adhere to their principles even during emergencies. What would you say would be most beneficial to do to ensure that both the company and the employees minimize any losses?

More than anything at these troubled times, we have geared up to provide care and concern to all by reaching out to fully support our customers. One of the most important factors is to make employees and the communities we serve, a priority.

We are preparing ourselves to slowly digitalise all our channels to increase customer satisfaction and minimize the losses. Even our client meetings are now held by agents remotely working from home, to ensure all customer touchpoints are taken care of but wisely to ensure that we are following the safety standards set in place by the authorities.

·       What are your plans for the future? Do you think Employee Experience and Customer Experience are gaining importance in the Middle East region the same as globally?

The FM sector is always looking to prioritize profitability and the renewal and retention of contracts. However, in the current market scenario, there are huge fluctuations in the economy and the FM industry. 

Today, living space or commercial space is connected to a customer by all means. So our way forward is to ensure that every customer feels safe and protected in the spaces he/she lives, works and spends time. For this, we will take all measures to ensure that our safety measures and standards are adhered to and we will continue to offer full support to all the communities we serve. In the middle east especially, customer experience is something which you cannot ignore or take for granted. We must engage and empower our employees but we also need to invest more time to understand our customers.

There is a quote from Steve Jobs that goes, “Get closer than ever to your customers. So close that you tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves.”

We as an Organisation are geared up to offer our full commitment to all the employees who will remain close to our heart.

And to our customers,

Our Prime Focus is on

  • Care and Concern
  • Reach out and be of support to all
  • Stay true to our organisations’ core values
  • Accelerating digital options to connect and support our customers by using the latest technologies.
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