McKinsey recently called gig customer experience (GigCX) an “on-demand revolution in customer-experience operations.” This was a breakthrough moment for the GigCX world, and relayed how it continues to make steady inroads into the mainstream of CX operations. 

This was certainly apparent in our recent 2022 Gig Customer Experience Report. This report was conducted after speaking to 15 CX leaders; surveying 400+ CX leaders across the U.S. and U.K.; and 600+ GigCX experts worldwide.

It was also fascinating to hear how industry leaders describe GigCX. “The power of GigCX to manage a customer throughout their entire lifetime relationship with a brand is tremendous,” commented Mark Hillary, Host of The CX Files Podcast.* 

The top 10 takeaways illustrate the potential of Gig customer experience for businesses and the power of human connection. 

1. Gig customer experience is inevitable

An image showing a gig customer experience agent selling a product.

We discovered that 72% of customer service managers have added, or plan to add, gig talent to customer service or sales operations within the next two years. Our report showcase that 84% of CX leaders stated that GigCX is here to stay. This draws us to the conclusion that GigCX is an inevitable future.  

This is especially true against the backdrop of shifting consumer expectations. There is a real need for alternative models, and customer service leaders are beginning to recognize the power and unique elasticity in the GigCX resourcing pool.  

2. GigCX experts are not full time

Out of the 600+ GigCX experts we surveyed, 40% have full-time jobs and half gig daily. Additionally, more than 50% make less than $50 weekly and a further 30% make between $50-$199 weekly.  

People are using this line of work to boost their financial security or operate on a schedule that works around their lifestyle. Other than committing to the traditional 9-5 schedule, we found many are only using an app-based platform from 8 to 10 hours a week.  

3. GigCX improves wellbeing

While GigCX experts are motivated by income and work flexibility, they aren’t your typical customer service representatives. They are brand advocates. With that said, it’s no surprise that 90% of experts we surveyed said GigCX has improved their lives.  

Having love for the brand completely changes the experience. And it shows, with 83% saying GigCX has had a positive effect on their mental wellbeing.* 

4. GigCX helps overcome pandemic-born problems

Customer service leaders love GigCX because it bypasses many of the pandemic-born problems facing contact centers at this moment. This includes hiring, training, shift scheduling, quality, and issues specific to a work from home (WfH) model.  

Since the crowd of experts grows and shrinks in line with supply and demand, brands can enjoy enormous resilience against planned and unplanned events. It’s an additional channel that allows brands to operate in a way they never could if they have to set schedules three weeks in advance. 

5. The untapped scope of GigCX is much bigger than we think

An image showing a gig customer experience agent working from her home office.

As GigCX enters the mainstream, its potential to manage a customer throughout their entire lifetime relationship with a brand is becoming ever more apparent. Experts provide real-world usage knowledge about brands’ products and services – including the impact those products have in their day-to-day lives.

GigCX representatives bring a distinctive point of view that, as employees, contact center agents don’t necessarily have. 86% of CX leaders surveyed thought GigCX could handle greater than 20% of their customer service volume. Just over a quarter believed it could handle 60% or more. Additionally, 93% of GigCX agents surveyed said they could take on more complex customer queries.  

6. Staffing issues drive Gig customer experience

Today, 28% of CX leaders say access to talent with the required skills is their top challenge when it comes to contact center staffing. What sets GigCX apart is that experts are spread across the globe; whereas agents are traditionally hired from the areas surrounding a physical contact center.  

This gives businesses access to a larger and more diverse pool of talent, with a variety of backgrounds, skills and abilities. In turn, brands can tap into a much wider pool of talent, meaning GigCX overcomes many staffing challenges that have already increased exponentially in 2022. 

7. GigCX agents build rapport with new customers

Customer service has evolved beyond a simple transactional encounter. Customers want to truly trust and feel empathy from the brands they encounter. When we consider this, it’s not surprising that 81% of consumers said they would be more willing to buy a product after speaking with a GigCX expert.  

This is especially true in the case of helping new customers get started with products or services. GigCX is a powerful tool that can coach and advise them in a way that accelerates their understanding of how to be successful. It’s this sort of support and relationship building that leads to more authentic and impactful interactions.  

8. GigCX allows brands to meet growing customer demands

For many companies, voice channels may not be a viable solution, as having one-on-one conversations with thousands of customers is far too expensive. A GigCX platform helps businesses find that sweet spot to scale. GigCX Experts can engage with a brand’s community because they are the right people to have onboard: they are familiar with, passionate and knowledgeable about the products and services. 

9. GigCX has eased financial strain caused by the pandemic

A staggering 88% of experts said that GigCX has helped them feel better about their financial security during the COVID pandemic. This is crucial, considering the incredible difficulties the pandemic placed on the workforce.  

53% of the GigCX representatives surveyed lost full-time employment as a result of COVID, and 46% say they started GigCX due to reasons associated with the pandemic. GigCX is seen as a great source of additional income to fall back on.  

10. GigCX promotes diversity and inclusion

As GigCX tasks can be completed from anywhere, this gives companies the ability to source talented individuals from around the world. This service can be an advantage for people with disabilities, stigmatised groups, or those who prefer a home office.  

Everyone is welcome, with no barriers to entry or bias. It allows for people from all walks of life the opportunity to earn money helping the brands they know and love.  

* information found in Limitless’ 2022 GigCX Report

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