At graze we absolutely love information and every scrap of feedback we get from our lovely customers (or grazers, as we call them) is valuable. Our winning initiative was based around all the ways we gather insight from our grazers, the vital role the graze Customer Service team play in communicating this to the wider business and the ways we act on it. This can be anything and everything from a tiny tweak to the website to make the customer experience slicker, to a whole new range of snacks or the overhaul of a recipe.
Graze is growing rapidly, with our expansion to the USA and the introduction of new ranges (such as our breakfast variety box) back in the UK. We’ve been able to manage this growth of our customer base while keeping a small, close-knit Customer Service team at the heart of the business. By using the insight we gain from our grazers, we can inform the ‘self-management’ aspect of graze. We want graze to fit seamlessly into our grazers’ busy lifestyles and the more we know about what they want, the more we can improve our service and reduce the need for them to contact us.
When grazers do get in touch, the freedom and personality of our Customer Service team, along with the investment they have in the company and their roles within it, means that they are met with exceptional customer service.

The buzz in the team the day after the awards was incredible. We were all so proud and haven’t shut up about it since! The amount of work that goes on behind the scenes on a daily basis to deliver a great experience for our grazers is phenomenal and it’s just so lovely to have this recognised.

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