Have you not yet integrated live chat with your small business website? Improving customers’ experience has become inevitable for the entrepreneurs, especially for the small business enterprises. Did you know that you are losing too many customers because of not adding this prevalent channel of customer service to your online business? The trend of adding live chat to online businesses is increasingly becoming popular and in the near future, there would no longer remain, any concept of running an online business without integrating live chat into it. The small business enterprises, which include even the small brick & mortar stores, need having their own websites with live chat support, in order to capture customers even through the cyber world. Here are some ways through which live chat service can help SMEs to greatly increase their profits:

It Enhances Customer Experience
This real-time online support service takes the customer experience of any business to the next level. Nothing can be more profitable and customer centric than providing 24/7 online assistance to your customers. You can hire chat agents in three shifts and provide round the clock assistance to your customers. Alternatively you can acquire the services of a leading live chat company such as LiveAdmins® to entertain your online customers from across the globe, regardless of the time zone differences.

It Reduces Customer Support Costs
Live chat is a budget friendly communication channel since it does not require special premises and a large team of live chat operators. Unlike telephonic contact center, a single live chat representative can handle multiple online customers simultaneously, due to the multitasking feature of live chat. The modern chat software firms have even introduced special features that let you entertain all your online customers through your handheld gadgets such as smart phones, touch pads etc. letting small business enterprises, minimize their customer support costs.

It Minimizes Shopping Cart Abandonments
Online chat support, if implemented efficiently and professionally, has the power to minimize shopping cart abandonment rate that becomes a reason of great encouragement for the SMEs around the world. The best way to do so is to adopt proactive approach. As your customers head towards the checkout stage, your chat operators can contact them proactively through live chat and offer assistance in making a smooth and definite check-out.

It Generates Chat Transcripts
Live chat software generates chat transcript at the end of every communication. This transcript is sent immediately to the customer for his/her convenience. Apart from directly facilitating the customers, this data is also stored in the chat support system, for treating the same customers in a better way in future. The SME’s can track all their returning customers and know about all their previous issues and queries at a glance, before they can start communicating with them.

It Offers Multi-Lingual Customer Support
Every SME wants to entertain customers from all over the world. This is a costly solution and requires acquiring many resources. However, when it comes to live chat support, its multi-lingual feature lets online entrepreneurs offer services in all languages. A customer can select his preferred language before he/she can have a conversation with a representative. For instance, a customer wants to chat in Arabic instead of the default language English, he would select it from the language list and his chat would be redirected to an Arabic sales and customer support agent.
In short, SME’s can reap endless benefits from this modern and efficient customer support channel.

Noe LegaspiNoe Legaspi
Noe Legaspi is a marketing executive at Live Admins JLT. Live Admins was established in 2002 and since then has transformed how online businesses carry out customer service through Live Support Software. By Live Chat Service, e-commerce websites can increase more profit and sales revenue.

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