Maintaining CX excellence poses a challenge for all organisations regardless of the size. The equation to great CX might be simple – have a superb product and the right people who to sell it and business success is guaranteed. In reality, there are plenty of factors that make one organisation a champion in CX and the other not.

Where is the link between an organisation’s ability to provide exceptional service and outstanding business success? More often than not, an organisation’s customer service or support is essential for customer satisfaction and can boost repeat business.

Correlation between excellent support and business success

In unprecedented times, the stakes are high for almost all business sectors. Challenging situations are forcing organisations to rapidly reprioritise so as to keep up with the customers’ needs. Higher quality information, along with additional ways of interacting with customers are at the very top of the priority chart. These factors determine the levels of support maturity of an organisation.

Did you know that the organisations with the highest support maturity levels, so-called ‘Champions’ reduce average total resolution time by 34% compared to Starters?

Champions are also 9 times more likely than Starters to have grown customer spending over the past six months. On the contrary, Starters are 6 times less likely than Champions to exceed formal customer satisfaction (CSAT) goals.

It seems evident that becoming a Champion requires a culture focused on CX, most importantly driven from the top down.

To provide valuable insight into this matter, Zendesk partnered with ESG Research to uncover the mechanism behind CX maturity and CX success. After surveying 1,000 CX leaders around the globe, ESG identified three levels of maturity and ways to outperform your counterparts. The remainder of this report will discuss the various ways in which organisations service and support their customers, and the results these organisations achieve.

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