SSP, the leading operator of food and beverage outlets in travel locations worldwide, are using real-time customer feedback to delight customers and drive the future of their business, thanks to Voice of the Customer specialist eDigitalResearch.

Having launched their bespoke eDigitalResearch Customer Experience Management programme in the UK in January 2013, SSP wanted a way of listening to customers across the globe and in November 2013 took the decision to roll out the Voice of the Customer solution to an additional twenty one countries.

Using a QR code or web address printed at the bottom of every receipt, SSP global customers are able to complete a brief online questionnaire and share their SSP experience. Captured feedback ranges from complaints to positive feedback and ideas and questions. Completed surveys are fed through to the relevant SSP customer relations team in near real-time and follow up action can be taken immediately if necessary.

Andy Bull, Group Director of Business Development at SSP, explains, “Our launch in the UK showed that there is a huge willingness by customers to give feedback, ideas and suggestions – nearly 65,000 responses were received in the first seven months of the new programme. As feedback is gathered continually, a better understating of both the customers experience and operational delivery is acquired. The global investment will ultimately drive sales and also help us to offer an outstanding level of customer service”.

Each and every unit manager also has the ability to see how their staff are performing in near real-time thanks to their bespoke SSP dashboard. They’re able to celebrate success with team members, as well as step in when things don’t quite go to plan. Reports and outputs are shared both internationally between the global team and at a local level with business heads and departments, enabling SSP to make informed decisions on operations, marketing, HR and investments worldwide.

Derek Eccleston, Commercial Director at eDigitalResearch, comments, “Listening to the Voice of the Customer is key if brands are looking to improve. By asking customers for their feedback and actively using that feedback to develop the SSP brand experience, SSP are able to delight each and every one of their global customers”.

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Derek EcclestonDerek Eccleston
Derek Eccleston is a board member and Commercial Director at eDigitalResearch, joining five years ago from a large global agency where he worked as Research Director. Prior to that, Derek was client side with Sony Europe. An MBA and fluent in French, Derek is a regular on the speaker circuit, presenting at both research and marketing events on a broad range of customer experience based topics.
Outside of work, Derek lives by the sea with his family and enjoys open water swimming.

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