Zoom has become a staple for many businesses, and here at CXM, it is no different. Therefore, when we received the news that last week, Zoom Video Communications, Inc.  announced Zoom Contact Centre, we got intrigued. Will their approach to customer support be revolutionising for real? Let’s explore together with this short overview.  

What is Zoom contact centre?  

Zoom Contact Centre is an omnichannel solution that is optimised for video and integrated right into the same Zoom experience. Now available, new contact centre, combines unified communications and capabilities with the usability of the Zoom platform. It supports customer service use cases and workflows using channels like video and voice, with SMS and web chat currently in beta.   

Innovation through video

The new Zoom support centre will have over 100 agents, supervisors, and administrator features at launch. Future investments will include additional channels, CRM and workforce management integrations, and AI/ML to optimize agent productivity. At launch, Zoom Contact Centre will extend traditional capabilities typically optimized for voice to provide a unique end customer experience through channels like video. 

an image showing a young woman using the zoom app to talk to the customer support agents.

“Zoom understands the importance of bringing together UC and multichannel contact centre into the same experience,” said Blair Pleasant of BCStrategies. Going on to say that Zoom’s great video quality is important for high-touch customers scenarios. As well as its internal use cases like IT help desk, employee helpline, and revenue-generating activities. It supports routing, additional channels, and the agent functionality organizations need. This could make this contact centre become “the modern contact centre solution of choice.” 

Enabling connected work from anywhere 

Contact centre agents are frequently tied to physical contact centre locations, and if able to work remotely, often still need to navigate multiple communications tools. The centre streamlines inefficiencies by bringing communications into one central hub. In addition to helping end customers with a rich agent experience, agents can collaborate with peers, supervisors, or other employees right in Zoom Chat and channels. Unified communications and contact centre together empowers agents to be more productive from any location while feeling connected to the larger organisation. 

Ensuring ease of deployment and use 

Zoom Contact Centre is simple for administrators to configure and deploy, including a graphical drag-and-drop IVR designer. Therefore, contact centre administrators can easily create menus, greetings, and prompts right in the same Zoom Admin portal. Furthermore, it can also integrate chat and video into an existing digital presence, like a website, helping organisations have conversations with customers in the right context and at the right time. 

Chris Neal, Senior Vice President Operations of First Federal Credit Union goes on to say that: “With Zoom Contact Centre, our supervisors have the ability to organise service representatives based on skills”. Therefore, customer can route their inquiries directly to experts that are equipped to handle the user’s unique needs. Furthermore, this will be accelerated and streamlined into a single conversation.  

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