The CXM team is excited to announce a new media partnership with one of the largest HR conferences in Europe. With 150+ exceptional speakers from various industries, this event is going to inspire leaders across industries to design workplaces where everyone can thrive.

From 22nd to 26th November, Serbia and the Balkan region will turn into a digital centre of knowledge exchange, meaningful connections, and HR industry development.

‘Our goal is to motivate HR professionals to play their first move in this strategy game. That is why I believe that this is the right opportunity for all people employed in the HR sector to take control into their own hands’, shared Nevena Stanisavljevic, the founder of HR Week.

How did HR Week come to be?

The organizer behind the conference is HR World, a community of HR professionals created 3 years ago to develop and boost HR professionals in Serbia and the Balkan region. After organizing HR week successfully in 2019, the organization draw international attention. This year in November, HR Week is being held the third time and is going to be a special digital experience for all attendees.

What to expect from the conference?

a poster announcing the HR Week conference.

As mentioned above, this years’ HR week is going to host over 150 international keynote speakers. They will pass on their knowledge and experience to over 3,000 visitors through keynote lectures, case studies, expert talks, and panel discussions. All sessions will be organized in the five thematic days: Strategic HR, People-centric HR, Digital HR, HR development and C level day.

Given the amount of content, visitors will be able to personalize the agenda according to their expertise, industry, and seniority, as well as track their gamified learning journey.

In addition to the live program, attendees can expect other exciting activities throughout these five days of the conference, starting with:

  • Networking where visitors can connect with all participants
  • HR Expo Zone with virtual boots with various HR vendors
  • Virtual HR Library with rich educational content (books, blogs, podcasts, etc.)

CXM speakers at HR Week

CXM is proud to announce that our CEO, Neil Skehel, is going to give an opening keynote during the People-Centric HR Day. Moreover, three of our contributors and collaborators will participate as speakers as well, and we can’t wait to hear their insights and the learning they gained over the years of creating, leading, and solving organizational problems.

More about the presentations that will be hosted by Belinda Gannaway, Robert Pender, and Ross Wainwright you can learn here. Join us on this learning journey and book your ticket today.

For more information about the event, you can follow the news on Linkedin (hr-week), Facebook (HRWEEK) and Instagram (hr_week).

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