Most would agree that running a successful business requires investing in, and taking care of, employees, and doing that is next to impossible without Human Resources.

The composite professionals of a good HR team are the bridge between staff and management, and remain crucial for the smooth running of an organisation – think of them as the nutrient-rich oil which lubricates the cogs.

Despite this vital role, HR staff are often overlooked when it comes to identifying key players within a business, and in today’s climate, this is fast tumbling towards ‘unforgivable’.

Step forward one man, Perry Timms, who has developed a transformational HR model that has been excitedly described as a “crucial blueprint” for businesses to adopt in order to drive them forward without staff feeling undervalued.

Perry has been described as a ‘HR Guru’, and for once, the ‘Guru’ tag is no exaggeration. As well as running his own organisation dedicated to bettering HR for the benefit of all – PTHR Ltd – Perry also finds time for consultancy work and blogging, in which he shares his valuable insights.

Now his thoughts on HR – and the way forward for businesses keen to put their money where their mouth is when it comes to their staff – are available in a new tome that by rights should become a fixture on the desk of any CEO who claims to care about people.

Transformational HR: How Human Resources Can Create Value and Impact Business Strategy is like the proverbial Ronseal, in that it does exactly what it says on the tin.

The book, published by Kogan Page, gives the reader the distinct impression that he or she is holding one of those future manuscripts that will be considered biblical among the business community.

In its pages, Perry – a former UK Digital Experience Awards judge – outlines how a new wave of HR thought-leaders are transforming entire organisations by utlilising smart thinking, and even smart technology, to impact on business strategy.

In a recent review by People Management Magazine, Transformational HR is described as “a call for the profession to prioritise and organise, to find a mission that will elevate it beyond being merely reactive and make it as indispensable to organisations as marketing or finance at a time when the relevance of people to business has never been greater”.

This succinctly sums up the book and highlights its importance in the current zeitgeist. People power is driving firms forward like never before, and Perry helps management conceptualize this way of thinking and put it to use by suggesting HR models.

Perry’s proffered model is his book’s title, dubbed T-HR, and has been observed as being based on “cooperation, joint responsibility, as well as sharing knowledge and mutual inspiration”.

Using his unique communication style that has enamoured attendees of his Tedx talks, as well as those who have enjoyed his direct consultancy work, Perry sets out with this book to truly transform the concept of HR within a successful firm.

Readers will agree he does it with aplomb. This could be one of those turning points in business literature, and by extension, a transformational milestone in business itself.

Transformational HR: How Human Resources Can Create Value and Impact Business Strategy is available now at Amazon.

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