Today, AI solutions are at the centre of most business strategies. Artificial Intelligence is there to marvellously synthesise data and deliver personalized experiences at every touchpoint. It also manages to improve customer satisfaction, reduce costs, and achieve greater operational efficiency. The only question that still raises doubt among both customers and brands is the matter of security. Are all businesses with AI solutions able to protect their customer data privacy?

According to the Engage Hub research, 99% of customers say companies need to improve their trustworthiness as we emerge from the pandemic.

Although they are looking forward to digitalisation, people are worried about their data and seek protection from their favourite brands. In the mentioned study, you can read more about these concerns and find practical solutions to the problem. We’ll break down for you the e-book available for download on our resource page.

Recognizing AI security threats and leveraging technology

According to the e-book, the main thing companies should keep in mind is the rise in cybercrime. The digitalisation boost has brought more security risks, and it became critical for businesses to protect their data. By doing so, they don’t only protect the brand but also increase trust in customers.

The UK Government reveals over 46% of businesses have reported a security breach in the last year.

Now, although technology gives cybercriminals a lot of opportunities, it can also disable them from breaching confidential information. Brands can use AI solutions to enhance security and build customer trust. The only important thing here is to know how.

Introducing AI image recognition to improve data security

Engage Hub highlights more and more brands are using facial and biometric recognition on smartphones, especially Face ID. This allows users to access their apps and secures their sensitive data. AI-driven image recognition can be beneficial in many other ways as well, removing friction from customer journeys and streamlining the entire business operational processes.

Are you wondering how image recognition works and how some industries are using it to protect their data? Follow the link to the e-book download and read all about this interesting AI solution. The resource will give you practical tips on how to improve data security and drive customer trust for long-term business results.

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