As a Finalist at the Gulf Sustainability and CSR Awards, held on February 15, 2017, in Dubai, the presentation on “Pedestrian Safety Awareness Campaign/Project” was a self-motivated individual campaign which competed on the same level as Corporate Giants such as DEWA, Berger Paints, Procter & Gamble and Apparel Group.

I am grateful to Awards International and CXM Magazine for recognizing my hard work and supporting the motive behind my campaign, said Iftekhar Ahmed, the author of the presentation.

This is a cause-related non-profit marketing campaign directed towards Sustainable Living projects. Pedestrian Safety Awareness Campaign illustrates benefits of walking both for the health and for the Green Environment.

This campaign also aims to attract more Government / Semi-Government authorities and private companies to adopt it as part of their CSR strategies & plans, as this initiative can be a Global Inspiration for positive change in the behavior of motorists.

This campaign appeals to everyone to respect pedestrians and urge others to bring in the behavioral change to value the general road etiquettes for other road users. After all, road respect begins from pedestrian respect.

I am dedicating my finalist presentation to CXM World, which is a worldwide magazine read by many citizens and residents of UAE, UK and all around the world. As this campaign is for the larger benefit of the community, I believe CXM world is a global platform which will contribute to spread the message to the general community within the UAE to practice a Sustainable Living by ensuring a healthy lifestyle which attempts to reduce road fatalities and ensure safety for both motorists and pedestrians.

Presentation Slide Share is available here.

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