Is your marketing budget being put to good use? Are you getting the desired results from your campaigns or are you struggling to see a positive change in your ROI? Maybe you’re not making use of one of the most effective marketing channels available today – influencer marketing. If you are, it’s likely that you’re not doing it right.

Common mistakes in influencer marketing

Many marketers who’ve heard about the positive impacts of influencer marketing have decided to try it for themselves. Yet some have been unable to witness the positive impact for themselves. This is probably because they’ve committed some or all of the following common influencer marketing mistakes. Take note, so you can take care to avoid making the same mistakes in the future.

  • They expect instant results. Influencer marketing takes time, so patience is an essence to success
  • They didn’t have a set goal in mind. Without a goal, your campaign can go haywire because you won’t know where you’re heading
  • They didn’t take time to know their audience. Proper audience research is the first step to a successful campaign, as it helps you base the rest of your plan according to these facts
  • They didn’t choose the right influencers. This can be a result of improper audience research. You might end up choosing a popular influencer, who isn’t just influential to your target audience
  • They focused on influencer following over influencer engagement. This could get you some brand exposure but not much else

So you see that there could be many possible reasons why some marketers are unable to execute a successful influencer marketing campaign.
Benefits of influencer marketing

Benefits of influencer marketing

If done right, however, influencer marketing could be your best marketing asset. In fact, 69% of marketers who’ve used it consider it to be highly effective and 93% use it for increasing brand awareness. Here are some of the ways in which influencer marketing could be of good use to your business:

  • It’s the perfect way to build trust with a new audience base with the decrease in trust of online banner ads and traditional advertising
  • It’s an excellent channel for gaining access to a new audience base. You’ll be able to reach the existing followers of your influencers
  • It’s cost-effective and manageable even for businesses with a small budget

The results are impressive, right? Learn more about what influencer marketing can do for you in the special Influencer Marketing infographic designed just for you.


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