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Digital is changing the way organisations approach customer experience. Digital technology has become part of everyday life for the majority of consumers and has challenged customer expectations around service, delivery and communications. It’s great having nifty apps and creative web design to entice consumers to your business, but if these fail to deliver what the customer wants, in the time they have available, the customer will not hang around.

With this comes the opportunity for businesses to completely re-invent how they design and deliver customer experience. Organisations should still approach customer experience the same way they always have, but look at digital solutions as added value.

A sound digital strategy needs to be accompanied by a customer experience strategy to ensure that any digital activities result in a positive customer experience which will have a successful impact on your business and leave the customer coming back for more!

Most organisations understand the importance of using technology in their customer experience strategy, but many also feel pressure at the level of complexity that is involved.
So, what are some simple options that customer experience professionals explore to add the digital factor to their strategy?

Mobile Applications

Consumers carry their phone everywhere they go. Offering a unique mobile application will ensure your company reaches your audience at all times. Mobile applications allow the organisation to deliver a digital experience and improve customer engagement. From Apps for public use to more complex applications for commercial use, the organisation with the right creative content, experience, and offer will make this an exciting mobile experience for the customer.

Social Media

Companies are using social media to drive sales, brand and manage customer perceptions and customer experience e.g. Info sharing apps, social media campaigns, customer service through social media channels and more.


Companies are putting in place a well thought out SEO plan to optimise online presence/search to reach the right audience at the right time. This greatly improves how organisations are reaching consumers through website content.


Analytics on your website visitors creates opportunities to track visitors to your website and re-target them. Many organisations incorporate Invoicing/payment services online making it easier to track customers’ trends and inventory, as well as integrate incentive programs. Not only is it convenient, but being able to quickly find the information using the web or make a payment online makes the customer feel tech-savvy.

Digital solutions offer an opportunity for organisations to be recognized in the digital arena and incorporate a unique value into their customer experience plan. With many options available, every customer experience professional can be confident they will find a solution that matches their digital initiatives, budget, and customer experience strategy.

So, if you’re transforming your business with Digital, and you’ve got the evidence to prove it, stand up and be rewarded for all your hard work!

Entering the Gulf Customer Experience Awards 2015 featuring the Gulf Digital Experience Awards 2015, supports organisations and businesses wishing to promote an exceptional customer and digital experiences.

About the Gulf Customer Experience Awards

The Gulf Customer Experience Awards celebrate and recognise the very best in Customer Experience across all sectors and multiple categories. The Awards are based on a very successful model we have exported from the UK, the UK Customer Experience Awards, which is now in its sixth year.

In addition to profile raising and PR opportunities, the Awards provide a vehicle for sharing best practice and for promoting continuous improvement, learning and personal development.

The deadline for submitting entries is Tuesday 15th September 2015 and the Awards take place on Wednesday 9th December 2015.

About the Gulf Digital Experience Awards

The Digital Experience Awards are unique: recognising and celebrating the delivery of an exceptional customer experience through digital media and channels. The Awards take part during the same Finals and Ceremony as the Gulf Customer Experience Awards.

If you’d like to discuss either of the Awards programmes further, please call the team on 00971 56 130 9800 or email

Mark HamillMark Hamill
Managing Director
Awards International UAE

Mark has been in the UAE since 2010 after previously working for the Scottish Police Services Authority. In Dubai Mark previously held positions as the Marketing Manager of Ethos Consultancy and Product Manager of The International Customer Service Institute (TICSI). With a background in developing International Standards and Marketing, Mark was instrumental in running the UAE Customer Service Week, Stars of Service Awards and the UAE Service Olympian Awards from 2011 to 2013. He now holds the position of Managing Director in Awards International UAE, running business awards programmes such as the International Business Excellence Awards 2015.

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