What a week for the Awards International team! With 120 companies and 130 judges from 50 countries, the International Customer Experience Awards has been one of the biggest CX awards ever hosted! Moreover, this is the first time Awards International had to split the judges into two days.

On Wednesday and Thursday this week, a fantastic panel of judges listened to over 300 live presentations from various industries. Congratulations to everyone for their time, dedication, and bravery. 🏆

Our team had the privilege to participate in the event, and with this short overview, we’ll summarize the key moments from the awards opening. 

Take a quick peek at ICXA21

an image showing Ian Golding and the CX Coffee session during the ICXA21.

The participants, judges, and guests who joined the Awards on November 10 could enjoy a warm welcome by CCXP Ian Golding. Gregorio Uglioni and Antonia Oakes joined Ian to greet everyone and share some of their thought on the judging process:  

We’re looking for the application. In other words, the What is very easy to identify but the How is more important,’ said Antonia Oakes.

‘CX is a science and is growing and growing, so we are constantly learning and discovering it’added Gregorio Uglioni.

Nothing less exciting was the beginning of the second day opened by fantastic Nienke Bloem. She hosted a brief conversation with Alina Dimbean and Helen Gavrilova and invited them to share their judging experience with the attendees. 

After the CX Coffee, the presenters and judge joined their Zoom rooms supported by 27 attentive room admins who ensured that the technical side of the event went smoothly.

Who are the winners of this year’s ICXA?

The winners will be announced on November 18. The Awards International team will prepare a glamorous ceremony hosted by Nieke Bloem and Ian Golding. 

The day of celebration will start at 11.30 CET with the CXTrendTalks hosted by CXP Ian Stokol. He’ll discuss some burning CX topics with Helen Willson, Sally Lawler Kennedy, and Greg Melia, to name just a few. 

You still have one week to book your place for the event. Until then, let’s keep our fingers crossed for all the finalists! We can’t wait to find out who the winners are. 

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