“Punk is not a method, not a framework, not a toolkit. It is just an invite to do things differently because our customers and our people are waiting.

This week on CX Lore, we are joined by Adrian Swinscoe, an experimental customer experience thought leader, best selling author, visionary, speaker, workshop leader, and podcaster. Adrian’s podcast Punk CX has been recently listed among the top five CX podcasts by Customer Experience Magazine.

Punk XL, his latest book, published in 2021, was the core topic of our conversation. Throughout this episode, Adrian shares his thoughts on the role experience leadership plays in the CX & EX arenas.

In our two-part interview, we cover:

?How can we be more Punk about CX, and why now?
?What would the punk version of CX look like?
?What is experience leadership?
?Why companies should stop observing CX isolated from environmental, societal, and political factors?

CX lore · Interview with Adrian Swinscoe: Why make CX more punk?
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