Two years ago we were handed the management of the Online Touchpoint NPS programme for our company with the brief of producing actionable insights for the website management team. The phrase ‘actionable insights’ is a term regularly heard as a Market Research professional and usually taken as a standard requirement.

However, after taking a look through the data that the Online Touchpoint NPS survey produced, it became apparent that the verbatim comments held the key to delivering the ‘actionable insights’ requested in the brief and that it would provide actionable insights not only for the website team but for retail, customer ops, logistics and customer experience teams. The trigger points and timing of the survey meant that the entire customer journey could be analysed, thereby maximsing the value of the survey and its scope across to the business.

By forensically analysing verbatim comment, larger strategic and operational issues were uncovered that required business improvement programmes to be set up to address the issues, but also highlighted some issues that could be tackled quickly (often within an hour) that were causing customer pain points and calls into the call centres or visits to our stores.

Our hard work paid off and by using the approach detailed insight → action = results we saw an increase in Online Touchpoint NPS scores of 30 points over a two year period. The same approach was applied to product launches, the deliver to store journey, onboarding and call centre data.

The richness and detail of the comments that customers provided on the TNPS surveys was staggering. They not only provided clear direction on problems to address but also an insight into the different emotions customers were experiencing.

I can honestly say in my thirteen years of market research experience the Touchpoint NPS survey is the most actionable source of data I have worked with, and from only a short two question survey. After watching many people’s eyes glaze over when quickly looking at the pages of customer verbatims and talking to other companies running similar surveys, it’s apparent that businesses are skimming over the detail. As a result they missing clues for quick wins to improve customer experience, customers suggestions and ideas on how to improve their experience and most importantly the answers on how to push the TNPS scores up.

So to improve Customer Experience, I’ve learnt that it’s all in the detail, and however onerous it might appear at first it’s worth getting into that detail.

Sarah Williamson JonesSarah Williamson Jones has over 12 years extensive Market Research experience spanning both consumer and B2B. Sarah has successfully delivered insights to help drive TNPS and customer experience improvements by using a number of research and analysis techniques and approaches.

Sarah can provide guidance on how to maximise customer experience surveys and research design as well as help with customer feedback and verbatim analysis to get the value from the detail customers are providing.

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