The CXM team are glad to announce that we will be hosting an innovative, exciting new webinar in partnership with Greene King, Ipsos and Reputation. This dynamic virtual event will explore the importance of Online Reputation Management and Customer Experience strategies.  

On June 21st, 2pm BST, you will have the chance to hear these insightful discussions, ask your own questions to join these conversations, and more. To ensure you don’t miss out, make sure to register yourself into this webinar ahead of time. 

What to expect

Branding your physical locations is simple; here you control the messaging, tone and feel – but what happens when your customers take over? 

In a world where VoC and omnichannel presence is constantly growing, how can you make sure that your digital front door is just as neatly polished as your offline access points?  

You can expect those questions to be answered, amongst the discussions to focus on: 

  • Why insights should be at the forefront of your business operations  
  • How CX strategy is essential to growing your customer base  
  • How managing unstructured feedback can help to drive traffic directly to you; therefore, driving customer acquisition and retention 

Who is speaking?

This webinar will be led by some very experienced and well-equipped CX professionals – 

Dave Pickersgill – Head of Insight for CX at Greene King

Having worked at Greene King for over 8 years, Dave has designed, developed and grown the CX analytics programme. Dave focuses on delivering a comprehensive view of the drivers of CX. 

Jamie Thorpe – Head of Experience Management (XM) at Ipsos

A CX professional with over 20 years’ experience, with expertise spanning offer, marketing, CX platforms, professional services and delivery. Jamie is industry recognised as a CX leader in the UK. 

Chris Sparling – CX Strategy Director at Reputation 

Chris has over 11 years’ experience of knowledge in his back pocket; spanning across designing, managing and strategically advising global businesses on how to get value from CX, VoC and VoE programmes.  

Get involved

CXM will also be hosting a Q&A session with the three speakers following the webinar. Make sure you prepare your questions if they don’t already answer those that have been lingering in your mind. This will not be a conversation to be ignored! Follow the registration link to get involved and make sure you don’t miss a thing! 

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