Kitty Hawk is a fresh startup that has been backed up by Larry Page, Alphabet’s CEO. This flyer has been designed to fly over water with two pontoons at the bottom to ensure a safe landing. Kitty Hawk is able to takeoff and land without the need for a runway, making this a perfect over-water vehicle.

This electric aircraft weighs around 220 pounds and can carry one person who can control it with the use of handlebars and a small screen to help with the navigation. Kitty Hawk can reach the speed of 25mph at the hight of 15feet.

If you wish to fly Kitty Hawk you don’t need any kind of licence since it has been designed for use in uncongested areas.

It has been announced that the sales would start later this year and if you pay $100 you can get your name on to the priority wait-list and you will receive $2.000 off the final price. Keep in mind that the vehicle in the video is a prototype and its shipping version would have a completely different look.

Source: Business Insider

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