You can pick your friends and you can choose your job, but you cannot determine who you work with…

Idle and unchallenging employees could be a reflection on your companies’ policies and surroundings. Many employees, from a wide sector of industries, view their work place as a barrier to unlocking their creativity and realising their potential.

Stress and discomfort is the leading reason for employees rejecting a promotion, leaving a job and finding work elsewhere. As a result, it’s essential that you create a business that people enjoy working in. Although there is a huge difference between a social and working environment, if your business incorporates social factors ¨C such as a relaxed ambiance, personal and friendly tone ¨C your employees job satisfaction will be increased by a massive 50%!

Implement Business Morale

If you’re like the majority of the working class, you are more than likely to spend the greater part of your days in the office than anywhere else. Therefore the people you work with, are the people you spend the most of your time with. In order to achieve a healthy work-life balance, employees must reach out and be friendly to one another.

A happy employee is one whom is in your business for the long haul. Hence the reason why a good office etiquette is the foundation for a healthy environment. In consequence, many companies are building employee morale by adapting business socials and after-work outings. Your business gatherings don’t have to be fancy; the simple team building tasks are usually those that work the best.

Manifest Common Courtesy

If an employee walks past you, say hello. If somebody opens the door for you, thank them. You should address your fellow workers by name and strive to give eye contact when speaking to one another. Staff should be demonstrating common courtesy to one another. Moods are contagious, and studies show that friendly co-workers generate in a higher engagement in work being produced.

Achieving a social and amicable environment in the work place is simple and inexpensive to accomplish. Leadership and authority figures in your business must embrace these ideals on a personal level. Once this has been achieved these ideals will be reciprocated through the work place and employees will begin to share the same principles. When staff work together to achieve the same goal, your business will triumph.

Grasp Employee Retention

A recent poll by SmartCompany revealed what motivates people to work. The top five results were achievement, money, creative output, great team dynamic and retirement. You should show full appreciation and gratitude towards you co-workers and allow them to be ‘in’ on things. Soon your co-workers will begin to develop a fill sense of value and affection towards your business.

Everybody likes to vent about their job and let off steam. With working comes stress. Managers should never show frustration about your company to their staff. When the work that is being composed is not up-to-standard, instead of criticising their efforts, give ‘growth-minded’ feedback. If you wish to let loose, vent to your significant other, a relative, a non-work friend or your family pet. Don’t vent in work.

To Conclude…

To achieve the fulfilling working life which the average employee desires, staff need to feel connected to the business and have a positive work experience. Thus, friendly staff leads to a successful business. Remember that friendly co-workers should be maintained through acknowledgement and praise.
Dawn Ellis

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