Employee experience is fast becoming a crucial talking point in regards to business success and with changing trends in EX we’re also seeing a much bigger need for a holistic approach to the creation of a positive modern work environment.

Employees are now much more connected with their work and with business trends taking the road towards better customer experience and better performance overall, employee experience is quickly becoming a very important element in making that happen.

Organisations are starting to develop and implement integrated systems that provide holistic improvements to the entire employee experience. As such the same organisations are now able to provide a better service to their customers directly since employee experience is the main influencer in customer experience were customer facing service is required.

Since employee experience is so important we decided to write up a few important elements of EX regarding the modern understanding of it and general positive attitudes in this blog. So without further ado, let’s look at the most recent trends in the area of employee experience.

Understanding Employee Experience Better

HR departments are starting to implement new approaches through design thinking and employee journey mapping in order to better understand employee experience. More so than customer experience, employee experience is a very unique thing, with each business having to understand their business and employees in order to create a genuinely positive experience for employees.

Through employee net promoter scores for example, effectiveness of HR campaigns can be easily measured to give an idea on the level of employee satisfaction, which brings us to another point…


Now this term may cover a wide range of processes, but analytics isn’t only something that should concern people tasked with CX. Genuine care in the wellbeing of employees requires an interest in what they want to see changed. As such analysing trends in employee behavior and simply receiving input is a great way to establish areas of improvement and use resources efficiently.


Gathering feedback is an integral part of creating employee experiences that stick. Feedback provides the necessary input if the right changes are to be made, but it also serves as a positive idea itself since it makes employees feel valued and appreciated by allowing their voices to be heard.

Employer and Employee

A positive work environment with a heavy focus on EX helps to bridge the gap between the employee and the employer which in turn allows for higher productivity as employees don’t feel intimidated and ‘pushed around’ by their employer. This is particularly important since employees tend to feel ‘pushed around’ even if they aren’t, just because of bad experiences in general or a job position where they don’t feel valued. So it’s particularly important to show that you genuinely care to improve the lives of your employees.

Staying Human

As anything in business, employee experience can also quickly become a ‘numbers game’, where everything’s about employee NPS scores and ROI. It’s important that this does not occur since many things can be easily managed and fixed when viewed from a ‘human’ perspective.

Employees also respect this more because they can see that changes are being made and that sometimes, things don’t go the way they were planned. Because of that it’s much better to always have an attitude that promotes honesty and care instead of a ‘numbers’ approach since the latter also encourages expectations that cannot be met as it brings about ‘investment=results’ way of thinking.

Instead, always look for ways to better the lives of employees through honest methods that are designed for that very purpose. In 2017 employees see their lives through their work and if they are to live a happy life, they require a great work experience.

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