Every job has stressful days, even if you love what you do with all your heart. Everyone who has ever worked has been exposed to situations in which it was hard to control the stress.

Short-term, the main symptoms of stress are headaches, abdominal pain, sleep disorders, and concentration problems, but in the long run it can also result in high blood pressure, drowsiness, or even heart problems.

Those who live in a stressful environment usually try to redress the accumulated stress by eating fast food, smoking, or drinking alcohol.

However, these are not the best anti-stress methods, since although it may seem like stress is reduced, our physical and mental health is being impaired.

Sara Lopez, computer engineering student in Denmark and Marketing Manager in Trendhim – a Danish fashion company for men´s accessories – suggests some basic strategies that, with some effort, can help you avoid stress and organize your time more efficiently.


One of the most important factors when dealing with stress is to exercise regularly.

Yoga is one of the best ways to relax and relieve stress. Devoting half an hour a day or one to exercise can help us clear our minds and keep them away from focusing on work problems.

Social relationships

Exercise is the key to anti-stress, but not the only one. Our social life also plays a very important role in our mental health.

It is important to maintain a circle of friends with whom we can relax and enjoy ourselves. Having dinner with friends from time to time, going to the movies with your boyfriend/girlfriend, or just sitting outdoors with someone, greatly enhances your mental wellbeing, and therefore fights stress.

Sleep well

Proper sleep is very important when it comes to stress, as it will contribute to our concentration ability and therefore to our performance.

If we have bad sleep, or get less than we should, our brain will be tired and our performance will not be the same.

Try not be on the computer late and don’t watch TV past certain hours. Most importantly, sleep at least eight hours a day. Make this a routine.

Get outdoors

Try to work outdoors whenever possible, or seek gardens where you can read in your free time.

Being inspired by nature is one of the best sensations our brain can experience – it creates a stress-free situation that will improve our efficiency in whatever we are doing.

Plan the day

The last technique, and perhaps the most important one, is to make a plan every day to establish what you need to do.

With this method, you will not forget anything you need to do and if you achieve everything you proposed, you will feel satisfied.

However, it is important to know our own limits. Do not set impossible goals, as we will feel pressured and our performance will decrease. Instead of being persistent and critical of yourself, try to encourage yourself with different goals.



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