A well-functioning team is the secret to business success, and that means that for managers across the globe, maximising the satisfaction and wellbeing of employees on both an individual and team level is a must. And with high temperatures creating uncomfortable working conditions and annual leave meaning offices are often short on team members during the season, the summer months can prove to be a challenge for managers looking to maintain staff morale.

From increased staff retention to improved productivity, there’s every reason to take care of staff during the sunnier climes, and that’s why today, we’re bringing you a handful of ways that you can maximise happiness in the workplace during the summer months. So whether you adapt dress code policies to suit the season’s higher temperatures or you regularly employ new ideas for bringing the team together, with our guide, you’ll be able to truly take care of your staff – meaning you can all enjoy the warm weather without compromising workplace productivity.

1. Open up Your Office Space

Maximising productivity in the workplace will be any manager’s aim throughout the year, but when it comes to working during the summertime, there’s every reason to embrace the season by bringing in as much natural light as possible. From opening up your window space to stripping back heavy rugs to expose your wooden floors, make the most of the brighter days and allow natural light to bounce around the room, as this will leave staff feeling happier and emotionally healthier – which is something that will be instantly recognisable by your customers.

2. Relax Dress Code Policies

As any management team will know, the wellbeing of staff is one of the most important aspects when running an office – and that means that doing your utmost to ensure that employees are working in pleasant conditions is crucial.

For a productive and happy team, as temperatures peak outdoors, consider allowing staff to dress in cooler, more comfortable clothes by relaxing the regulations surrounding the office dress code.

3. Make a Dedicated Effort to Motivate Team Members

With many members of the team jetting off on annual leave during the summer months, workplaces can often see a decline in morale during this time of year. Employees who stay behind will have the task of keeping a business moving in the direction of success, and that means that it’s the manager’s role to ensure that the team still have all the support and motivation they need.

Retaining a positive company culture with fewer team members is crucial for ensuring productivity in the workplace, which is why arranging activities like post-work drinks or team sports can be uplifting for overall morale.

4. Ensure that there’s Suitable Ventilation

There may not currently be a maximum workplace temperature in the UK, but that’s not to say that employers shouldn’t make a dedicated effort to ensure a pleasant office climate. The fresh supply of air that comes with a good ventilation system will not only create cooler conditions indoors, but studies show that improved air quality can have a significant effect on productivity levels too.

So, if you’re looking to take care of your staff this summer while ensuring that the business continues in the direction of success, investing in a suitable ventilation system could be well worthwhile.

5. Offer Staff the Option of Flexitime

The traditional 9-5 may have proved to be an effective way to make a living in days gone by, but with the rise of remote working and time management software, flexible working patterns are being employed in many modern-day businesses. From offices to warehouses, the ability to work outside of typical working hours has become a priority for most millennials, which is why so many businesses offer staff the option of flexitime.

With the UK famous for its unpredictable summers, it’s no surprise that staff will want to make the most of an unforeseen heatwave, and allowing employees to take the afternoon off and make up the time on a cooler day will be greatly appreciated by your team. By fitting in with your employees’ needs and desires, you’re more likely see a rise in staff retention rates – so it’s well-worth considering their happiness, not just in the summer, but all year round.

The most efficient businesses are those that work together as a team, which is why a positive company culture is an integral part of any successful business – and that means it’s essential that you take care of each and every member of staff during the warmer seasons.

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