Medallia Promises ‘360 View of Customer’ With New Digital Offering

October 23, 20174min

Customer Experience software firm Medallia Inc has released a new digital solution for firms seeking a “360 view of the customer across all touchpoints”.

The Californian firm’s Medallia for Digital – a key component of their Medallia Experience Cloud – enables companies to capture feedback from customers on the web and mobile and integrate it with data from retail stores, contact centres, and other touch points.

By combining, organising, and analysing the data, companies can more deeply understand customer behaviour and take action in real-time, Medallia claims.

While a vast majority of customer journeys begin – and many times end – on web and mobile devices, many companies still struggle to understand their customers as they interact on digital channels.

They rely mainly on analytics and other technologies to understand what is happening. With Medallia for Digital, companies can engage customers directly throughout their digital journeys to understand the ‘why’ behind the ‘what,’ connecting the user’s perspective with analytical data to gain a deep understanding of their users.

“In just over a year, we have doubled the number of customers using our digital solution and are now processing more than 2.5 billion digital interactions every month,” said Ori Soen, General Manager, Medallia for Digital.

 Today‘s integration with Medallia Experience Cloud enables companies to take advantage of Medallia’s powerful reporting and text analytics to gain even deeper insights and connect the digital channel with other channels along the customer journey.”

Since the launch of Medallia for Digital last year, Medallia has made improvements to embed digital feedback into a company’s overall CX strategy.

These include: creating a unified view of the customer by combining offline and online feedback; unlocking and understanding customer insights with powerful AI-based text analytics; and taking action throughout the organisation with role-based reporting and real-time alerts

 Companies using Medallia Experience Cloud are able to anticipate customer needs and adapt their organisations to meet them, leading to improved customer satisfaction and top line growth, the firm insists.

 “We listen to our customers every day with Medallia, in more than 50 countries and 20 languages,” said Rachel Gelman, Senior Manager, Customer and Agent Insights, Western Union.

 “Now, with Medallia for Digital, we’re able to understand in-the-moment customer experiences and tell the customer story in a more complete way.”

Paul Ainsworth

Paul Ainsworth

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