CX management firm Medallia has announced an update for its machine learning engine, which promises faster processing of customer data.

The update to Medallia Experience Cloud, called Medallia Text Analytics, will offer companies using it a boost in analysing written feedback, detecting trends, and prioritising areas needing urgent action.

Medallia describes the upgrade as making the engine “smarter, faster, and more powerful for their clients”.

They insist it is particularly useful for sifting through unstructured data – which is set to become the norm facing companies by 2022, when it is estimated 93 percent of data will be unstructured.

Borge Hald, CEO and Co-Founder, Medallia said:

Unstructured data from customers provides a gold mine of information. Yet many companies aren’t using this data to make business decisions. Our text analytics engine can quickly pull insights and themes in many languages, understanding sentiment and addressing issues in real-time.

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