Microsoft has just revealed its new Surface Laptop and it is completely different from any other laptops produced lately. It uses the new operating system Windows 10 S, and you can upgrade it to full Windows 10 or Windows 10 Pro free of charge.

It is intended to take on the Chromebook which is popular among students. It is lighter, with higher security levels, faster and easier to manage. That is why it is meant to be popular among students. Another feature that makes this Laptop so distinctive is the Alcantara fabric which covers its surface making it softer and more pleasant to touch.

Surface Laptop has 13.5 inch display and if Microsoft is right, its battery life is going to be 14.5 hours which is longer than any other Macbook. The only downside is that it can only run apps from Windows App Store. If you, for example, try to download Google Chrome you will receive a pop up with a message “Hey, Download Microsoft Edge”.

You can pre-order it now but it will be available from 15th June for the price of $999.

Source: Business Insider

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