In this article, we continue the story about MYRenault by highlighting the most important aspects of the app. In the first part of the narrative, Axis Partners gave you an outline of the phone app market and MYRenault evolution.

However, we are well aware our readers might finish the first article wondering what makes MYRenault stand out from others. In the ocean of phone apps, how this particular solution managed to increase customer engagement and satisfaction? Axis Partners performed detailed research and testing to provide more information and answer the question.

A diagram showing the importance of CX innovation

We finish the story by revealing MYRenault’s biggest strengths and hope to inspire others to follow the example and create their customer-driven strategies for business growth. Seham El Behissy, General Manager of Digital & Connected Cars at Renault Group, helps us highlight all the aspects of the story with the highest accuracy.

Test Results: Areas of CX Innovation for App Success

At Axis partners, we believe any idea must pass the test of desirability, feasibility, and viability before being approved for implementation. We studied the MYRenault initiative and found that it ticked all the boxes required to make it a success.

  • Customer Desirable

To start with, an organization that seeks improvements has to have a genuine desire to identify problems. Only truly customer-centric leaders are ready to listen to the customers.

Renault ME has done a lot to build customer-driven leadership. They have listened to the customers with the aspiration to address concerns and engage with people in a meaningful way. The main goal of these efforts was to create long-lasting bonds with customers and bring lasting business results.

A diagram showing the importance of customer desirability

Most brands (particularly the automobile sector) focus on customer acquisition rather than customer service. The resources are typically channelled to initiatives that grow sales. Very few brands invest in after-sales services or initiatives oriented to make customers happier and build strong relationships.

On the other hand, Seham highlighted that Renault started by building trust through consistent and continuous delivery of good results. The company was always at the right touchpoints, constantly putting the customer at the centre of the business proposition.

The ‘customer first’ approach has found the way to the app. MYRenault combines technology and humans to create powerful experiences. The way the app connected with customers during the lockdown, serving as a channel to deliver comfort and a sense of community, shows Renault’s desire to focus on meaningful experiences. Having a 96% of the active customers in the app displays just how successful they are in conducting the plan.

  • Technically Feasible

The complexity of designing customer-focused apps lies in using the right tools to tap into real customer’s needs and simultaneously meet all the essential UX and UI factors.

As Seham described to us, MY Renault was designed to be interconnected to the CRM and digital platforms of the company, allowing them to track and resolve customer issues, needs, behaviours, and more. Creating a wealth of information has enabled the employees to build better services for their customers and develop empathy over time.

A diagram showing the connection between technical feasibility and business growth

The company understood that today, our life is more connected through Smartphones and technologies than ever before. Since vehicles have become an element of linked living, Renault took the first step towards the related services world. The organization introduced this smart, simple, and connected mobile platform to make owning and maintaining a car easy and enjoyable.

We were the first and still the only automotive brand to offer such a service in the GCC & Middle East. It enables us to digitize our customer experience, be proficient in communicating the right message through the appropriate digital channels at the right time and to the right customers, improve our customer loyalty, and continuously engage with over 92% of our customers in the GCC, with the use of a mobile application, Seham El Behissy adds.

  • Business viable

Axis Partners also believes a concept should be either financially sound for you and your customer or have a positive impact on the customer experience. If we want the app to provide true joy and benefits, it has to be adopted by both the dealerships and the customers.

A diagram showing business viability an important part of CX strategy

Renault ME was confident of the app’s benefits and utility. The company ran many training courses and awareness-building initiatives to demonstrate the power of the platform and communicate the idea. Now, after many years of collective work to make the app successful, the Team Renault ME – and both stakeholders and customers – are seeing the benefits of the initiative.

Dealerships taking ownership is the best demonstration of the viability of the app. Today, almost all the content and animation published in the app are driven by importers. They own the app and use it as the primary channel to engage with customers.  

The results speak for themselves. Our app has a 96% account activation rate and a 29% average engagement rate. During the pandemic, the average engagement rate went up from 25% to 39%. We used the platform to update customers with news, health tips and also offer them comprehensive virtual services. In April, we launched the ‘door to door’ (D2D) service through the app. This gives customers the option of ‘Home pickup and delivery, so they don’t need to leave their homes. This service comes with free sanitization, and the whole service is managed remotely with contactless payment options, explains Seham.

MYRenault’s fascinating evolution and future

Axis Partners concludes the topic by highlighting the relevance of having a customer-oriented initiative within a company. We are committed to bringing you many such success stories, where teams work together for a meaningful purpose and transform a vision into reality. In this case, Renault recognized the importance of listening to customers and created an app that reflects their needs to the finest detail.

We are now taking digital to the next level and have a three-pronged approach:

  1. Connect with the customer
  2. Connect the customer with the Vehicle
  3. Connect all to the Smart City platform in real-time.

With the AI & Bigdata, this will create new capabilities and services, such as predictive maintenance, remote diagnostics, and automatic fuel alert systems. In case of an accident, an automatic alert will be sent to the police, the system will be connected to the smart city grid.  Insurance companies could use the app to customize offers. The possibilities are immense, and we have a long-term resilient growth plan, concludes Seham.

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