Yesterday Google introduced the Google Lens at the I/O developer conference. It is a completely new AI system that can be integrated into any smartphone.

Lens is a set of vision-based computing capabilities that are able to understand objects in your surrounding and instantly provide you with information about them, meaning that this new tool allows you to take action based on the information you are provided with.

How it works: you simply point your smartphone in the direction of an object you would like to know more about and the Lens gives you details about it. If you see a flower in the park you can point your phone at it and Google Lens will tell you what kind of a flower it is.

Another interesting feature that Lens has is that you can connect to any router by pointing your phone at the router’s setting sticker and your phone will automatically connect to that network. This news has triggered the loudest cheering among the audience as you can see from the video.

But that is not all, Google Lens has worked together with Assistant and has enabled you to point your phone at a concert poster and it will automatically be added to your event calendar.

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Source: Engadget


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