PEN is devoted to improving patient experience across the healthcare industry, whatever the sector; and including whole organisations, companies, teams and individuals.  PEN embraces the NHS, whether it be primary or secondary care, all of the allied partner companies (e.g. staff agencies, outsourced services), private health, pharmaceutical companies, pharmacies, home healthcare, or any other services that impact the patient and their experience.  PEN focusses on the fact that everyone has the capacity to make a difference whatever their role – receptionists, cleaners, car park attendants, nurses, doctors and other clinicians, pharmacists and management – if you are in the industry you have a part to play in improving Patient Experience.

PEN (The Patient Experience Network) was established in 2010 to recognise, share and celebrate best practice with the over-arching aim of promoting, stimulating and accelerating improvements in patient experience. It does this in a number of ways. The PEN National Awards celebrate the fantastic initiatives in practice which are focussed on improving patient experience. The publication – Patient Experience – Best Practice in Practice contains real life case studies showcasing and sharing a wealth of practical patient experience. PEN works with individuals and organisations to develop and deliver best practice in patient experience through training, consultancy, conferences, best practice days, newletters and a ‘library’ of best practice information.

From now on we will be sharing best practice on a monthly basis via Customer Experience Magazine, providing news, views and information which we hope you will find interesting, useful and stimulating.


Forthcoming Events

Recognising and Responding to the Deteriorating Patient

Implementing the National Early Warning Score (NEWS)
Improving the reliability of patient observations and ensuring quality of care to reduce failure to rescue of acutely ill patients on the wards
Wednesday 3 July 2013 Manchester
This one day conference will focus on recognising and responding to the deteriorating patient including implementing the new National Early Warning Score (NEWS), improving the reliability of patient observations and ensuring quality of care to reduce failure to rescue of acutely ill patients on the wards.For further information and to book your place  visit or contact
A 20% discount is available to your members by quoting ref: HCUK20DP when booking.

New Report available:


The Health Foundation has published a new learning report, Implementing Shared Decision Making.
The report presents the experiences of seven teams participating in the Health Foundation’s MAGIC (making good decisions in collaboration) programme. Each story explains what the teams did, the improvements they saw as a result, the challenges they encountered and how they dealt with them.
More information about shared decision making, including tools and resources to help put it into practice, can be found at the Health Foundation’s shared decision making resource centre:

In the News

Hospital investing in techonology to improve the ‘patient experience
Harlow Star
We are always looking to improve the patient experience at Princess Alexandra Hospital and that is one of the reasons why we have invested in some of the latest healthcare technology. Known as the electronic patient record (EPR), our doctors will soon

Hospital wins top listening award
Luton Today
It includes a Patient Experience call centre where clinical staff, including consultants and nurses as well as senior managers, help to make calls. Pauline Philip, chief executive, said: “The data we gather is analysed and actioned – so not only do we

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The Patient Experience: Center Stage And Behind The Scenes
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Hospital Impact – Humanity: The heart of patient experience success
by Jason A. Wolf. As I look back at all that was written and shared during this past year on patient experience, not only in my previous blog posts, but in the words

Foundation aims to improve hospital experience of dementia patients with


Home Care

An initiative designed to improve the hospital experience of dementia patients, their families and carers is to be piloted in an Essex hospital. The Mickey Payne Memorial Foundation and South Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust (SEPT
Radiotherapy service rated highly in survey


Harrogate News

In summer 2012, Professor Sir Mike Richards, National Clinical Director for Cancer, commissioned a survey of radiotherapy patients to understand their experience of radiotherapy services. It was designed to follow up the 2011/12 National Cancer Patient
Parking and food as crucial to patients as surgeon



He blamed the focus on targets and cost-cutting for the negative effect on the patient experience, which was why levels of satisfaction had dropped at the same time as clinical performance was improving. The BMJ Open study focused on more than 4,700
Survey praise for hospital


News Guardian

Annie Laverty, director of patient experience at the trust, said: “We place great emphasis on listening to our patients and pay a lot of attention to stories of care and the experiences people have while they are in hospital with us. “This is so we can

And finally in case you missed it:
Do doctors need to work on their people skills? – WSJ article suggests they do

‘Good’ Patients, ‘Bad’ Patients

Happiness: The path to better hospital performance

Changes in the Patient-Doctor Relationship!

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