Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust has recently started conducting online health checks and medical reporting using eClinic video consultation software.

The software allows clinicians to exchange medical opinions between themselves, ensuring privacy despite physical distance created by the pandemic. By using the online platform, entire clinic lists can be converted into virtual appointments.

Clinicians can immediately assess urgent patients who cannot attend in person and there are no ‘virtual’ waiting rooms because clinicians immediately connect with the patient.

eClinic software is provided by global cloud communications software and solutions provider IMImobile, and offered to NHS trusts free of charge for a year.

Dr Muhammad Javed, Consultant Paediatrician and CCIO at Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust, said: “We have always felt that a significant number of our patients do not actually need to come to the clinic. During the current pandemic, having a service like eClinic has become a necessity. The clinicians are able to tailor the consultation to patient’s needs, which has resulted in improved clinician satisfaction and hopefully will result in improved patient satisfaction as well.”

“The clinicians feel that the ability to provide clear instructions to the patient by in-consultation text chat and transferring information leaflets using the file transfer facility makes this consultation mode safer. The ability to share the screen to show the patients their x-rays etc has also proved to be invaluable”







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