The call centre market has still gained ground in the UK and Nixxis, professional software publisher specialized in call/contact centre and customer interaction solutions, aspires to gain more market share.

The customer excellence is at the heart of today’s preoccupations. With topics like imperatives of flow and individualization of customer journey, effortlessness for the customer, customer service awareness, commitment of employees, pledges announced and kept… Nixxis has improved its virtual offer in order to meet the growing and more specific customer’s needs. Nixxis presents its new cloud offering adjusted to allow call centres to buy the best solution on the market at the most competitive price.

Moreover, contrary to other types of software, Nixxis Contact Suite has especially been created to run on IP (the Internet Protocol). This means that the Suite has not been adapted from voice to the new channels. That’s an important asset since it allows huge adaptability to the multimedia. Indeed the advanced Nixxis Contact Suite, tends to be a visionary and flexible solution designed anticipating all future needs of contact centres in terms of customer interactions (phone, email, chat, SMS, social medias).

Because a good integration with you CRM is vital

To answer the request of many UK and European customers Nixxis has worked on a complete integration of Salesforce CRM via OpenCTI. In addition to the management of Nixxis features in Salesforce, this integration allows a real interaction between the software’s. Indeed you can create targeted campaigns directly in Salesforce and fill your customer records with information collected during conversations via Nixxis Contact Suite v2.1 trough calls, emails, chats, SMS, fax and even social medias.

The big advantage offers by Nixxis thanks to the OpenCTI integration is that you actualize customer information directly in avoiding the never-ending duplications, copies, synchronizations, exports and imports that are often the cause or mistakes or data loss. Nixxis and Salesforce information are always automatically synchronized.

Going a bit further, this integration is twofold; the first concerns the agent. It is from within Salesforce that you go to the “agent” toolbar with the same functionality as in Nixxis (eg: agent ready, paused, consultation …).

In each record of your CRM, with only a simple click on the button ‘call’ for Nixxis dials directly the phone number of the record on which you are (” Click- to-call “).
In the context of incoming calls, if the customer is identified (eg: via an IVR and its incoming call number or DID), the customer record is automatically reported in Salesforce.

The second concerns the integration of campaigns. Campaigns are sets of contacts or “leads” grouped to be contacted for the same action. These campaigns are defined in and available in Nixxis Contact Suite.

From a practical point of view, your administrator is identified in Nixxis where he chooses to work on a “Salesforce” campaign. This displays campaigns created beforehand in the CRM. It remains only to select the one you want to work.

All information necessary to the dialer, such as the call-back date, the latest numbering status, etc … are added automatically into Salesforce.
This allows you to view all contact information in and print your reports via the same interface. A convenient way to keep your efficiency by keeping the reporting formats that you are familiar with.

This integration performed on the basis of standard OpenCTI is now available for all new Nixxis clients, but also for all existing customers wishing to upgrade to the latest version of NCS v2.1.

A flourishing worldwide partnership

With representatives in more than 30 countries, Nixxis always expands its distribution network by looking for both integration and distribution partners worldwide as well as other technology providers willing to cooperate with them in order to build link to their own platforms (Microsoft Lync, Dynamics,, etc…).
With the new “BUY IN BULK” program, Nixxis opens next generation of reseller network and allows them to keep control in the Cloud and prepare their own local distribution model.

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