We are excited to announce that marcus evans will host the annual O2C conference between the 8th and 10th of November! The event will integrate virtual and physical space to offer a memorable experience to all attendees, allowing people to join either online or in Berlin.

As CXM is always happy to support thought-provoking events, we are supporting this annual conference as a media partner. This means our readers have a unique opportunity to get tickets at a special price! All you need to do is to register for the event here with a CXM500 code and you’ll get a discount automatically.

What is the O2C conference about?

This conference will mainly focus on a new digital transformation level within the E2E value chain. Most of the conversations will be focused on the challenges O2C professionals went through during and after the pandemic, their key takeaways, and successful post-COVID O2C recovery strategies. They will also reflect on the real benefits of O2C automation in the uncertain environment and the key reasons for optimising and digitalising the customer value chain.

To cut long story short, this will be an exciting digital-related event where tech-lovers can meet up, share their opinions, and listen to inspirational stories from some leading industry names. All attendees will get a chance to enjoy networking with one another and hear insights from Astra Zeneca, Huawei, LyondellBasell, Celanese Urgo Group and many others!

Take a peek at the agenda

Another thing that excites us about the event is the content. The organizer ensures the conference will be free of advertisement! As a knowledge seeker, the CXM team cannot wait to see what marcus evans prepared for those who look for quality and informed content above everything.

Here are some of the key cross-industry topics that will be covered during the event:

  • O2C digitalization and integration
  • Case studies on AI and machine learning
  • Getting the value of O2C data
  • Post-COVID O2C strategies
  • What has COVID brought to O2C management
  • Improving and measuring CX through various channels
  • Master the art of data management
  • Cash optimization tips

As mentioned above, this will be a hybrid 3-day event. You can join it online or attend the event live in Berlin – the choice is all yours! Don’t miss your chance to hear success stories in transforming the O2C process from some of the most influential companies.

Register today and enjoy this year’s conference with CXM!

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