Chattermill took to the business streets by surveying 339 global customer-focused leaders during September and October of 2021. To gather data about the view on the current CX (customer experience) industry and how it impacts businesses.  

The research focused on key departments such as Customer Support, marketing, sales, product, and operations. They took a deep dive into the trends of Customer Support for 2022. Here is our overview of their report.

94.7% of leaders are actively investing in increasing their NPS 

an image showing the percentages from the report.

The report highlights that business leaders do know the importance of CX with over 99% of them realising that their customers have higher expectations compared to previous years. Furthermore, 98%of leaders believe that the key driving factor of customer loyalty is good Customer Service.  

While another 98% of leaders say that online reviews and feedback surveys must be complemented with more data sources. Plus, the biggest concern for these business leaders (44%) that took part in the survey is for their companies to reduce costs and another almost 95% are aiming to actively invest in increasing their NPS (Net Promoter Score).    

For more percentages, download the free Chattermill’s Customer Support Trends for 2022.  

Strategic importance of customer support 

Chattermill says in their report that companies are not only going up against their competitors but also against the “best Customer Support experience [companies’] customers have ever had.” This can be due to the fact that customers are a lot more vocal about their CX thanks to social media. So much so that above 96% of leaders agree that people are more likely to voice their experiences online.  

Therefore, a bad CX can lead to a bad review, which can hit the bottom line of a company. As well as affect loyalty. Companies are advised to create delightful customer support experiences that can result in more cross and upselling, increased profits, plus customer retention.  

Another issue that came forth from the survey is that 88% of leaders believe that their technology/ tech stack is holding them back. According to the report, it would be a wise idea for businesses to employ the right technology to enact the changes to their Customer Support system.  

Measuring customer support success 

How does one even measure customer support success? This is one of the questions that Chattermill gives answers to. Almost half the survey applicants said that they measure their success not by NPS but by customers retention. This came as a surprise since, as the report states, one may have expected NPS and customer satisfaction to have the most vote. The former is at 1. 5% and the latter at 28.4%.  

One thing that Chattermill has noted is that the metrics in this selection of the report are related to revenue more than traditional Customer Support metrics. They comment that this is a big step-change.  

More in the report 

Chattermill goes into great detail in not only the 339 surveyed businesses leaders to say about the current state of CX, but also into CX as a whole. There is a lot to be gained from reading the full report. Not only the bits that we have mentioned above but also challenges and solutions, as well as how to get ahead in 2022 in CX. Therefore, click here to download the full report and all the information. It is for free, but the information and statistics are priceless.  

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