Global CX Maturity Report


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CX Maturity Index

We are delighted to be partnering with the European Customer Consultancy and its Founding Director Olga Potaptseva in bringing to you a Global CX Maturity report. Over 70 CX professionals across the world provided their views which is a great result for a survey of this kind and gives us a robust base for a global analysis.

In addition to the CX Maturity index the report outlines and quantifies key CX Challenges CX professionals face globally. About 30% of our respondents came from CX Consulting and these findings will help them tailor their training and support offers. If you are a CX Practitioner and would like to access the knowledge, tools and advice to resolve common challenges in a cost effective way this report is definitely for you. It is full of practical advice on how to drive customer-centric culture, improve CX awareness, increase empathy and drive customer-centric processes. It also outlines a best practice approach to setting up Voice of the Customer measurement and gives practical tips for securing CX Investment.