The Customer Journey Management Lab


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October 03/04



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Ian Golding CX Framework in Collaboration with ECC Agile CX Implementation and Olga Potapseva

3rd and 4th October – 9am UK time to 4:30pm UK time

  • What is customer journey management?
  • Understanding our customer
    • Importance of customer insight and understanding
    • Creation and management of customer personas
  • Customer journey mapping
    • Current state
    • Future state
  • CX measurement
    • VOC
    • VOE
    • VOP
  • Prioritisation
  • Addressing the priorities
    • Traditional process improvement methodologies
    • Design Thinking
    • CX Agile execution
      • Common challenges in project management today
      • A comprehensive execution framework to achieve results, align with business objectives, and enjoy the process
      • Practice 7 levels of agile CX approach to achieve speed, flexibility and stability
      • Get comfortable with managing projects on
      • Obtain a toolkit for modern teamwork techniques
      • Tips to engage cross functional teams and sustain that engagement throughout project execution