Quality is defined by the Oxford Dictionary as ‘The standard of something as measured against other things of a similar kind; the degree of excellence of something.’

The importance of quality in the journey to excellence has therefore led to the adherence to certain standards being ubiquitous in many countries across the world, and this is for many different reasons.

This is backed up by International Organization for Standardization (ISO) which states that ‘International Standards bring technological, economic and societal benefits. They help to harmonize technical specifications of products and services making industry more efficient and breaking down barriers to international trade.’

Implementation of standards can lead to many other benefits way beyond the external benefits and effects on bottom line. Many forget the galvanising affect the process can have internally. Embarking on an initiative such as implementing a quality standard can lead to a marked increase in teamwork, motivation and consequently employee engagement. Being part of a business awards journey is no different, with the companies involved benefiting from many long term improvements in morale.

One of our regular entrants to the UK Customer Experience Awards, Amanda Reynolds from Nationwide Building Society has echoed this in stating: “I was thrilled that we won Team of the Year for 2013. The team really deserved the recognition and they are still motivated by the superb win. Celebrate your successes and don’t underestimate the employee engagement aspect and the external validation and appreciation of the hard work and efforts.”

It is no coincidence that companies who have been certified against quality standards have an increased chance of success in winning business awards, and this is true for many different types of standards. Apart from reaching a benchmark in terms of quality, being certified is something to shout about. It should be publicized beyond internal communications and existing suppliers and clients.

Business Awards are the ideal vehicle used to supplement the coverage that a certification can achieve. They are a fantastic way for certified companies to show the greater business community that they have an appetite to reach excellence.

The criteria of the categories in the International Business Excellence Awards are designed in such a way to provide a platform for companies to compete, regardless of the particular standards they have implemented. Entrants should treat it as an opportunity to present how the implementation of the standards has led to tangible results.

Gaining additional recognition for quality initiatives can only lead to positive publicity and an increase in morale, which in turn can improve business results at every level.

Has your company benefited from winning business awards off the back of achieving certification against a quality standard? If so, we would love to hear from you – please email sarah@customerexperiencemagazine.co.uk

Quality, Standards and the link to Business AwardsMark Hamill Profile

Managing Director
Awards International UAE
Mark has been in the UAE since 2010 after previously working for the Scottish Police Services Authority. In Dubai Mark previously held positions as the Marketing Manager of Ethos Consultancy and Product Manager of The International Customer Service Institute (TICSI). With a background in developing International Standards and Marketing, Mark was instrumental in running the UAE Customer Service Week, Stars of Service Awards and the UAE Service Olympian Awards from 2011 to 2013. He now holds the position of Managing Director in Awards International UAE, running business awards programmes such as the International Business Excellence Awards 2015.

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