We’re pleased to announce that Rant & Rave, the UK leader in real-time customer engagement technology, and one of The Customer Experience Awards last year’s finalists, has been appointed by Flagship Group to enhance its customer feedback capabilities, enabling engagement across all points of the customer journey. Flagship owns, manages and maintains more than 22,000 homes for market, and affordable rent and sale.

Flagship will be using the Rant & Rave platform to listen to its customers in a bid to better understand their needs, resulting in delivering an outstanding level of customer service. Flagship will be rolling out Rant & Rave as a real-time solution across all housing types, covering all customer journeys, and a multitude of touchpoints using email, SMS and Interactive Voice Response/Integrated Voice Messaging.

Here’s what Kenny Bain, CEO of Rant & Rave said:

“We are delighted to be partnering with Flagship. It is a great company and we are eager to help them transform their customer engagement. Listening to customers is the only way to truly know how your service is being delivered and received; feedback is absolutely critical to companies. It allows them to build their business on two levels; not only can they reach their customers in the moments that matter, which will help them solve problems and build loyalty, but they can also commend teams when they have good feedback, enforcing positivity and enhancing service further, or improve where necessary.”

Marie-Claire Delbrouque, Director at Flagship Group announced:

“We’re excited by this partnership and confident that Rant & Rave will be able to transform our customer engagement capabilities. We are hoping to gain greater insights into our service so that we can continue to improve it and achieve our aim of providing outstanding customer service.”

Flagship will also be integrating Rant & Rave’s frontline engagement module, meaning those staff are accountable for their own feedback, and empowered to influence the customer experience by identifying areas of improvement and being able to celebrate areas in which they excel.

Flagship will now be able to measure both Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT), at a transactional level, and Net Promoter Score, on an annual basis, as a relationship measure. The company’s aim is to reach a much wider demographic than its previous feedback solution allowed. Using Rant & Rave will reduce resourcing needs, eradicate gaps in data, provide actionable insights and remove lag times in feedback collection and remedy.

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