Nationwide first launched their Mobile Banking App in 2012. Due to a proliferation of devices and changing customer needs the team saw a need to re-design the App to increase agility.

The challenge was to:

  • Let customers do whatever banking tasks they want, wherever and whenever they want
  • Make banking feel less like a ‘task’
  • Give people a greater understanding of their banking
  • Create a richer conversation with Nationwide.

Putting Customers at the Heart of the Development Process

When developing the App, Nationwide set up an Experience Design process that puts customers at the centre of the development process to deliver on their customer-centric objectives.

Throughout its development, 10 rounds of customer testing were conducted with a cross section of customers involving over 100 people. Wireframes were then adapted following user testing.

Giving Users More Power in Their Pocket

As a result of customer involvement throughout the design process, Nationwide has achieved:

  • Simplified processes and touch ID log in
  • Clearer, simpler and more engaging user interface
  • Cross-device, cross-platform experience
  • Flexible design that can grow in the future

400% Increase in Text Registrations

Post- launch, customer satisfaction surveys revealed 95% of customers are satisfied/extremely satisfied with the updated App, with feedback including:

 “I love the new updated App! Logging in with my fingerprints is amazing and means I can get straight to all my bank info without waiting but it’s still secure”.

Since launching, Nationwide has seen a 400% increase in digital text alert registrations and 33% of all interactions using Touch ID.

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