The Customer Story

Woolley & Co, are a National Family Law Firm, headquartered in Warwick, UK. They have one of the largest family law teams in the country, collectively with over 300 years’ legal experience. They also rely almost 100% on their website for new enquiries to feed this large team and grow the business. Their previous website had been designed and built back in 2009, and whilst initially successful had been experiencing a decline in Rank, traffic and engagement in more recent years.

The Driver for Change

In 2013 Woolley & Co were losing traffic and rank position to their competitors online, and as a result their monthly enquiry levels were dropping. For a business that relies almost 100% on it’s website and search traffic for its revenue, this was bad news

It was decided that they needed outside help to understand why they were losing traffic, and what could be done about it through the re-design and re-build of the website.  Woolley & Co researched the market for a Digital Agency and invited 3 agencies from across the UK to pitch for the project.

Look, touch & feel won the three-way pitch process by demonstrating a clear understanding of the brief and the business drivers. We proposed an extensive research and analysis phase to truly understand the current situation before embarking upon any SEO strategy or web design work.


Solutions Delivered

In this particular sector, the area of customer engagement is incredibly sensitive.  These are people that are considering (usually in secret), or going through, a divorce or separation.  This often involves children, and is always an incredibly emotional time in their lives.  For those reasons, it is not the kind of market you can go and survey easily, or engage with about their online experiences, because it is just completely inappropriate.

However, through the use of tools such as SessionCam, Google Analytics, Crazy Egg and MOZ, we were able to build a very clear picture of several elements of the puzzle.  These were how customers researched family law services online, how competitors were reaching customers and engaging them, and how those customers had been behaving on the previous iteration of the Woolley & Co website, on both desktop and mobile.

These insights combined enabled us to piece together a brand new strategy for the SEO and user experience of this site, and work in complete alignment with the natural journey of the customers, whilst taking back traffic share from competitors.

Woolley & Co operates a semi-virtual business model, with one central office, but dedicated lawyers working remotely in every City in the UK.  Not having physical offices in all those locations presents an SEO challenge in the way that Google still favours businesses with physical locations for local search.

Our SEO strategy for the new website was to combat that issue, by turning the lawyer’s individual profile pages into landing pages, perfectly optimised to catch traffic for their local area. This strategy, as well as an extensively researched keyword and meta data process for the rest of the website too, is what has driven incredible new levels of traffic to the website.

In addition to that critical SEO approach, we have taken an extremely process and data-driven approach to the design and CRO of the website. Launching right from day 1 with several A/B tested sections on the site, including the homepage and many key landing pages across the site.

We have worked on the Woolley & Co website every single month since it’s launch, and are working continually on finding small marginal gains in both SEO, CRO and increased user engagement (reducing bounce rates and increasing return visits).

Just some of the work we have done has included:

  • Introduction of, and optimisation for, Live Chat – Resulting in a 9% increase in qualified leads
  • Introduction of, and continual optimisation of, pro-active guide download offers throughout the blog and article content, leading to the building of a mailing list of several thousand, and an increase in contact conversions of 5%
  • Introduction of the use of SessionCam and monthly monitoring of user visits, enabling us to fix in almost real-time, any single points of slow-down or glitch in the user journey, continually optimising the site and the experience it offers to customers
  • Working continually on improving page speeds by finding tiny marginal gains in caching, minifying of scripts, optimisation of images, and improving server response times by working with our data centre and hosting company
  • A very big focus on the mobile experience thoughout the site leading to a reduction in bounce rate, increase in conversions on mobile, and an increase in engagement (time on site) for mobile users
  • And much, much, more which we will tell you about when we come to present to you ;0)

The Results Achieved

The Return on Investment in this project and ongoing relationship with LTF has been staggering. In Year 1, which included the full re-design of the website, their ROI was 400%, every year since it has been 900% and climbing.

Average monthly traffic to the website has increased by 10,000 unique visitors. And average monthly qualified leads to the website have more than doubled in comparison to the previous website.

The leadership team at Woolley & Co tell us that they’ve now been having consecutive record revenue months for the past 7 months as a result of the new traffic and enquiries, and they have had to hire 5 new lawyers to handle the workload.

The site now ranks top of Page 1 on Google for over 200 key search terms, and is enjoying unprecedented levels of traffic compared to similar size organisations competing for the same terms.


Teresa Harris, Marketing Director, Woolley & Co Solicitors, said:

“The additional organic traffic, enquiries, clients and therefore revenue that the new website, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and ongoing CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation) work delivered by Look, touch, feel has generated, means that we’ve seen a Return on Investment of around 400% in Year 1, and 900% each subsequent year.”

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